Sunday, June 12, 2016

PHAMExpo 2016 Haul

PHAMExpo 2016 was a success!

This is the look that I went with for PHAMExpo 2016 (the famous car selfie on the way there).

I even wore my Crimes of Beauty Makeup Junkie shirt.

In the line about to go in and do some serious damage.

My bestie talked me in to standing on the window ledge to take a selfie and get the #PHAMExpo sign in the background.

Taking a picture on the way in against this awesome background (didn't know I was about to go from having money to being broke in less than 3 hours).

They let us go in early a little after 9am which was extremely exciting (less time to cook in the hot sun while waiting impatiently in line).

We met some amazing ladies while waiting in line :)

We headed first towards Lime Crime (first booth that caught my eye and there was no line, yay!)

I picked up a couple of goodies and stop for another backdrop picture (pretty much one of the last pictures I took, too distracted by makeup.

If you have never been to a makeup convention/show it might be a little hard to understand, but honestly once you step inside you are swept up in this fast paced whirlwind and so many things are going on at once. You instantly turn on autopilot and go where the makeup leads you. It's so exciting and I wouldn't want it any other way. I feel like I am in my element.

We checked out some artistry and than it was back to focusing on our mission, to acquire more makeup quickly.

We stopped by ChicStudios to get some complementary glitter lips, uh yes please!

A close-up of my pink glitter lips.

The aftermath, leaving with $38 to your name (actually, the first time I have walked away from a makeup show with money to my name.

What the damage looked like when I got home.

As always I picked up lots of makeup I don't necessarily need, but couldn't wait to get my hands on.

Here's a peek at what I picked up:

Here's what I got:

Lime Crime
-Velvetines True Love Set
-Perlees Lipstick in Penny
-Perlees Lipstick in Mirage

Juvia's Place 
-Nubian 2 Palette

-Four Decades of Color - 70's Free For Palette

-Mermaid Palette

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs
-Contour Palette

Be Bella Cosmetics
-35G Palette
-Glow Dust Palette
-Lashes in 139

BH Cosmetics
Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale
-Beach Goddess Palette
-Cream Cheek and Lip Tint - Peaches N' Cream
-Cream Cheek and Lip Tint - Rose
-Enhancing Lip Gloss - Coral Reef
-Enhancing Li Gloss - Hibiscus

Gerard Cosmetics
-1995 Lipstick
-Nude Lipliner
-Slay All Day Setting Spray - Peach

-Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights
-Angel Veil Primer
-Stay Matte Not Flat Foundation
-Liquid Suede Lipstick in Soft Spoken
-LId Lingerie in Gold Standard
-Lid Lingerie in Morning Sky
-Ombre Lip Duo in Ginger & Nutmeg
-Ombre Lip Duo in Freckles & Speckles
-Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in Vivid Halo
-Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in Vivid Envy
-HD Concealer 
-Cosmic Gel Liner in Interstellar

Black Moon Cosmetics

Vera Mona
-Color Switch Solo

Crime of Beauty
-I Love Makeup Muscle Shirt

Websites to check out the products:

I had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year.

Now it's time to start playing with this new makeup.

To get a closer look at the items I picked up at PHAMExpo, check out my Youtube video on the haul

Thanks for reading and watching!

Bitter Lace Beauty Highlighter Collection and Swatches

With all of the hype surrounding Bitter Lace Beauty Highlighters I figured I would put together swatches of my collection.

I was one of the lucky ones who had discovered Bitter Lace Beauty's Highlighters before they hit the big time.

I had being buying them in her Etsy store for a little while now ( I can't remember when, but I think it has been around a year or maybe less).

I own 5 in my collection and here they are in all of their splendor.

From left to right - Let It Glow, Sweater Weather, Love At First Sight, Unbirthday, and Pocket Full Of Posies.

My interpretations of the shades:

Let It Glow - Silver and Blue
Sweater Weather - Gold
Love At First Sight - Red, Pink, and Gold
Unbirthday - Gold, Lavender, Mint, and Coral
Pocket Full Of Posies - Olive Green, Teal, and Lavender

The great thing about these highlighters is one, they are amazing, and two, for some of them you can pick of the shades individually or swirl them together.

For these swatches I swirled them together to create the shades, just remember that if you do decide to swirl them together that there is no going back as these does mix the shades together. You can also just swipe your brush straight across the pan to pick up all of the shades individually. 

Bitter Lace Beauty's Highlighters are definitely worth the hype.

They are currently all sold out, but hopefully some of the products will restock soon.

Some of the shades above were limited edition and therefore won't be available again, but who's to say that something similar is not recreated.

The Prism Rainbow Highlighter is the product that sky rocketed Bitter Lace Beauty's success and has caused her to sell out of all of her products (she also makes custom eyeshadow palettes).

The Prism Highlighter is sold out but you can preorder one for a release in months to come.

You can check out Bitter Lace Beauty via the links below:

To see more swatches of my Bitter Lace Beauty Highlighter Collection, check out my Youtube video

Thanks for reading and watching!

Were you one of the lucky ones to pick up the Prism Highlighter?