Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Black Moon Cosmetics - Harvest Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatch

Have you heard of Black Moon Cosmetics?

They have these amazing liquid lipsticks. I recently picked up one of their newest liquid lipsticks in Harvest.

Harvest means the season when ripened crops are gathered.

It is described as a soft burnt orange.

Here it is swatched on the left in the top picture and on the top in the bottom picture.

The other swatch shown is the lip liner that I used which is by OCC in the shade Grandma.

Grandma is a bright coral, but when I blended it out it look nice and Harvest covered it up.

It looks a little darker in natural light, but in the picture above with flash it is shown with more of its true color.

The liquid lipsticks from Black Moon Cosmetics are:

-Contain Vitamin E
-Are moisturizing
-Dry in 3-5 minutes
-Are kiss proof
-Long lasting at 5 + hours
-They have a whipped texture that allows them to be applied easily
-Are pigmented
-They don't crack
-Can be applied on their own without a lip liner
-Smell yummy like vanilla cake

My review:

So far I really like the formula.

I found that all of the claims above by Black Moon Cosmetics held true.

I found that it is pigmented, fast drying, but not drying on the lips, you even feel a slight stickiness when you press your lips together.

It was long lasting without cracking and the shade was very flattering.

I could see myself adding a few more to my lipstick collection.

Here are two closeups of me wearing Harvest.

They are currently available in 8 shades and are $18 each.

What do you think of Black Moon Cosmetics Harvest Liquid Lipstick? Do you think you could pull off this shade?

I also posted a Youtube video talking about Harvest as well as showing the swatch. You can check that out here: https://youtu.be/Q6FTvFWb0zk

Thanks for reading and watching!

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