Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bitter Lace Beauty - Unbirthday Highlighter and Love At First Sight Blush Swatches

Well hello there!

I have to tell you about this lovely Etsy shop that I ran across. I was on Instagram as I usually am and came across some gorgeous highlighters.

This was around Christmas and I ended up ordering two of them. They are from Bitter Lace Beauty.

At that time I picked up Sweater Weather and Let It Glow. They were limited edition and are sadly no longer available.

Recently, I placed another order and picked up two more, one is actually a blush called Love At First Sight and the other a highlighter called Unbirthday.

Unbirthday is on the left and Love At First Sight is on the right.

Love At First Sight was a limited edition blush for Valentine's Day and has since sold out, but fear not. There are currently 11 other highlighters to choose from.

Pictured above on the top and below on the left is Unbirthday and above on the bottom and below on the right is Love At First Sight.

Same swatches with flash.

Love At First Sight was a mix of red pink and gold with a heart pattern pressed into it.

Unbirthday is described as a rainbow multi-color highlighter. Besides being adorned with a beautiful flower pattern, it contains the shades pink, violet, turquoise, and gold. Its pastel shades remind me of Easter and Spring. The name Unbirthday alone reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

With both of these shades because they are multicolor, each shade can be picked up individually or they can be mixed together for a different effect.

The highlighters are just down right gorgeous and extremely pigmented. I love them and think I may be addicted to them.

The only downside is that when you start using them the beautiful pattern pressed into the shade wears off.

Check out Bitter Lace Beauty's Etsy shop here:

Currently all shades available are $16 each.

Have you checked out Bitter Lace Beauty's Etsy shop?

I also uploaded a Youtube video of these swatches as well as swatches of Sweater Weather and Let it Glow. You can check that out here: https://youtu.be/LhsCGN9KA0E

Thanks for reading and watching!

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