Monday, February 22, 2016

Sedona Lace Mermaid Palette Review, Swatches, and Makeup of the Day

I remember seeing The Little Mermaid in theaters when I was younger and thinking how amazing it would be to be a mermaid.

Well, eventually we have to grow up and we really can't do anything about the fact that we can't be mermaids, but we can strive to look like them.

At least when can while playing with the Sedona Lace Mermaids Palette.

How gorgeous is this box?

It's so gorgeous that I had to post it twice, ok not really.

The box and the outside of the palette look exactly the same.

The inside of the palette holds even more beauty with its 16 shades with mermaid names.

They range from peach, pink, purples, greens, to blues, and you even get a black and white.

Nixie (peach) and Meryl (white) seem to be the only shimmers in the palette. The other 14 shades are matte.

These are very pigmented, but I will let the swatches speak for themselves.

I swatched these in lighting on my bare arm without primer. I did clean my arm first with a baby wipe so they were applied slightly wet, which I don't recommend. These don't seem to be able to be used wet.

My shadows seemed to have dried a little clumpy where I dipped my fingers into them, but it isn't a problem as it is only on the very top of each shade.

Here are the 1st two rows from left to right - Nyxie, Sybil, Beatrice, Azalea, Pearl, Mishell, Melody, and Lola.

Same swatches closeup

Same swatches with flash

Another picture of the swatches for the road.

Here is the 3rd and 4th row from left to right - Madison, Diana, Ariel, Zale, Meryl, Sedna, Andrina, and Oona.

Same swatches closeup

Same swatches with flash

Of course, another set of swatches so that you can remember them.

I used the palette to create this look.

It is simple and was done using 5 shades.

I actually used the whole 1st row for this look and one extra shade.

I used Nyxie (peach shimmer) as a transition shade all over my lid to my brow bone as well as packed it on my lid. 

I applied Meryl (white shimmer) on my brow bone and inner corner of my eye.

I used a combination of Sybil (coral matte) and Beatrice (pink matte) blended in my crease and under the middle portion of my eye.

I blended Azalea (red matte) in the outer third of my crease and lid as well as under my eye, also in the outer third.

The verdict.

So far so good.

The shades are quite pigmented for mattes and blended nicely. 

I found that they can actually blend away quite easily and found myself adding color and blending a lot.

From wearing them in this look they seemed to last.

The palette has beautiful packaging and a spectrum of colors to choose from.

The Mermaids Palette is available here, and is only $29.95.

The palette also comes with a new dual sided brush called the EB 31 brush.

Have you seen this palette? What are your thoughts?

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