Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frends Beauty Stilazzi Haul and Swatches

If you haven't heard of Stilazzi then you are definitely missing out.

Seriously, missing out without a doubt.

Look at these shadows, you need them in your life.

Trust me.

I had never heard of Stilazzi either until last month when I attended IMATS LA.

I visited the Frends Beauty booth and the rest is history.

They had these eyeshadows and blushes that were quite large in a wide range of shades.

They had a sale where you could get 14 Stilazzi Eyeshadows/Blushes and a Large Z Palette for $39.

Here are the ones that I picked up. There are only 13 pictured here because I gave one to my lovely friend (just in case you are counting).

The shades don't have names but are instead coded alpha numerically.

The letters mean the following:

M - Matte

P - Pearl

S - Shadow

B - Blush

The shades that I picked up are:





Blush swatches above the eyeshadows from left to right - MB09, MB16, and MB04

Eyeshadows swatched from left to right - MS17, PS30, MS41, PS37, PS34, MS30, PS32, PS27, PS43, and PS20

All swatches were done on my bare arm in lighting.

Close-up of the same swatches

Swatches with flash

The matte eyeshadows are $3.00 and the pearl eyeshadows are $3.50.

There are 52 matte eyeshadows to choose from and 44 pearl eyeshadows (that's 96 eyeshadows).

The blushes are $3 each and are matte. They come in 20 shades.

Here is the link to check out Stilazzi's eyeshadows on the Frends Beauty website:

Link to check out the blushes :

I am very happy to have Stilazzi eyeshadows in my life. 

The size of the products are a bargain for the price.

These are bigger than MAC shadows and Makeup Geek shadows. They are in between the size of Makeup Geek eyeshadows and Makeup Geek Blushes.

The Pearl shadows are some of the most gorgeous shimmer that I have ever seen. It is like they are shimmer and glitter (shimter?) at the same time without being too glittery.

The only question now is how many Large Z Palettes will I need now for the whole collection?

The Large Z Palettes fit 14 eyeshadows/blushes and there are 116 shades total. That's about 8 Large Z Palettes and $370 later.

I don't think I would ever need eyeshadows again.

Have you tried Stilazzi products? Thoughts?

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