Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure Palette - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

To buy or not to buy?

That is definitely a question I am asking myself.

From the looks of social media, I am not the only one...

Dose of Colors released their first eyeshadow palette today called the Hidden Treasure Palette.

There has been so much hype surrounding this palette and its release.

Here are the pros thus far:

The swatches that were posted on social media are without a doubt gorgeous.

The pigmentation on the foil shades is to die for.

The packaging is cute.

The box and the palette give off that sunken treasure kind of vibe and the shadows definitely look like treasures.

Here are the cons so far:

The placing of the shadows in the palette.

Why are they scattered like that?

Why can't they be symmetrical?

It's a little unnerving to a perfectionist.

Why not add more shades to the palette and make the organization pretty?

Is the placement of the shadows supposed to visualize something or be a picture?

I don't see it. Can someone help me?

Next up the size of the shadows.

They don't look that big.

Now for the kicker, the price.

This palette is $50.

It seems kind of pricey especially for the size of the shadows

It seems like $30 is more reasonable, that is $3 per shadow which seems fair.

But if you look at the breakdown in price it is $5 a shadow.

I'm torn.

So far, I have restrained from buying it.

It is hard since I love the swatches I have seen of the foil shadows and the packaging is pretty (not the placement of the shadows).

I think I will wait and see what those who have purchased have to say?

Did you pick up the Hidden Treasure Palette from Dose of Colors? Thoughts?

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  1. You just expressed perfectly all my doubts when I saw the palette today on the website. I've kind of expected it after swatches in Instagram, but I was really shocked by the price. I mean...for twice less price I'd close my eyes over the ugliness of layout and size of eyeshadows, but for 50 USD. No, sorry. For this price I will better buy another Too Faced or Urban Decay palette.