Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More Hot Topic Alice in Wonderland Items - Haul #2

I think my Alice in Wonderland obsession is out of hand.

I can't help it!

No, I don't need help (smiles).

I blame Hot Topic.

At any given day they have 70-90 Alice in Wonderland items.

What is an addict to do?

Of course, when I saw that they had makeup related items I had to get them, right?

You understand :)

I think this is my 2nd Alice in Wonderland Hot Topic haul.

I do have a 3rd which is to come.

But for now, here is what I got on the 2nd one.

I picked up this set of 3 makeup bags, a set of 5 makeup brushes (also has a makeup bag that they come in), and a handheld makeup mirror.

Yes I know I don't need any of these things, but they make my vanity and my makeup look that much cuter (or is it more cute)?

Definitely more cute.

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie and I will not feel guilty.

Plus, I forgot to mention, they always have sales, which saves you money.

Speaking of saving you money...

If you plan on purchasing them online, don't forget to go through Ebates first prior to purchasing.

Below is my referral link to Ebates (currently 4% cash back for Hot Topic for any of you who are interested in signing up.

First time Ebates users will earn a $10 cash back bonus when they make purchases totaling at least $25 within 90 days of signing up.

Who doesn't love to earn free money that can then be used for buying more makeup?

It's genius really.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

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