Tuesday, January 26, 2016

IMATS LA 2016 Haul

IMATS LA 2016 came and went and it took all of money with it.

Now I have to wait 364 more days until next year.

Here's a look at the damage.

Here's me and my friend taking a traditional picture under the IMATS banner (if you have ever been there then you know this is a must.

The funny thing about this picture is that in it we don't look broke even though this was taken a couple hours after the damage to our wallets.

I think we were just imagining playing with all of our new makeup.

Here's a picture of me trying to act cool, calm, and collected meanwhile I was really trying to adjust the bags to bring back the circulation to my arms.

A closer look at the goods.

Here's what I ended picking up:

Morphe Brushes
-E47, E43, M558, M217, E46, M559, M705, AND M560 Brushes
-Vegan Contour Brush Set
-35 E Palette

Violet Voss
-Pro Highlighting Powders (Highlighter Palette)
-Hella Amazing Glitter

Crimes of Beauty
-Makeup Junkie T-shirt and coffee mug
-I Sign My Checks With Lipstick Sweatshirt

-Pretty Poison Lipsticks in Girl Crush and Nurse
-Liquid Lipstick in Trinket

Friends Beauty
-Large Pink Z Palette
-Stilazzi Eyeshadows:
MS17, PS30, PS34, MS41, PS37, PS27, MS30, PS32, PS20, AND PS43
-Stilazzi Blushes:
MB09, MB16, AND MB04

J. Cat Beauty
-Blinkle Eyeshadows in 107 Pearl Cream, 101 Honey Amber, and 102 Tangerine Light
-#MOTD Waterproof Slide On Pencil for the Lips in 101 Fuchsia, 102 Amaranth Pink, 105 Natural, and 111 Plum
-Free Pout-holic Lipstick in PHL 115 Over Head

-Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette
-Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette
-Ombre Blushes in Soft Flush and Code Breaker
-NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows in Golden Peach and Bedroom Eyes
-Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner in Brown
-Micro Brow Pencil in Auburn
-Color Mascara in Mint Julep
-Lip Lingeries in 06 Push-up and 09 Corset
-HD Concealer in 01
-Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle in Coral-sicle
-Full Throttle Lipstick in 03 Kiss the Dust
-Face and Body Glitter in 04 Copper
-Free Tea Tree Primer and NYX lipstick keychain

-No-Color Powder

-Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette 
-Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette
-tarteist Clay Paint Liner in Black

I also visited Cici Fashion Brush. I picked up a cute heart shaped blush brush, a split eyeshadow brush, and an angled blush brush.

So here's a quick run through of how our day went.

We arrived at IMATS two hours before check-in, around 7AM, we rushed to the Starbucks on the corner and headed to the line to check-in, which by this time was already starting to get long.

Oh the line pictured below is when we were already checked in. I am jumping ahead of myself.

So after entertaining ourselves for a couple of hours we checked in and then were redirected outside where there were two lines. We picked one not really realizing the difference between the two.

We knew that we had one mission and one mission only at that was to head to Morphe Brushes first (since we were well aware of how busy they get based on previous experience).

So we ended up in the correct line to get to Morphe Brushes only to be redirected outside to wait in the Morphe Brushes line for almost another hour.

I guess it was their way of keeping things orderly.

We finally got inside and shopped Morphe Brushes and after that all the rest of our IMATS experience was a blur, only because it happened so quickly.

You would be amazed at how tired you can feel just from shopping.

We decided to take a selfie to kill some time since we starting becoming impatient.

We just wanted our brushes :)

Next up Violet Voss to pick up their highlighter palette and snatch one of those amazingly cute bags.

Of course, I went to Sugarpill to get their Pretty Poison lipsticks and their liquid lipstick.

I was soo happy that there wasn't a big line.

And of course we couldn't go by the Sugarpill wall without taking a selfie, though we really didn't get much of the wall.

Another shot of Sugarpill

Then it was time for NYX craziness. There were a lot of new items that we needed to get.

Just a picture to remember the floor plan and schedule.

We passed some of the models getting their makeup did and looking fabulous.

Of course we did other things and visited other booths but I didn't take pictures of everything, I had shopping to do.

That's it! IMATS LA 2016 in a nutshell.

I shall count the days until next year, but for now I have to get back to work and make some money to replenish my bank account.

I recorded a haul video on my Youtube channel.

The haul video is also posted on my blog a few posts back.

Did you attend IMATS this year?

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