Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cute App Haul

Cute is an app that can be downloaded on your phone and has tons of different items that you can purchase.

The items range from makeup, beauty, purses, shoes, jewelry, clothing, to household items. Heck, if you can think of it they probably have it.

Three of the items I bought are possible dupes for popular makeup items.

In this haul I picked up 8 items (though only 7 are shown here) the other arrived the next day. Here are the items as they are listed on the Cute app:

To find them type in the descriptions below. Some of the items are listed at different prices from various sellers so you can order one that is cheaper.

The Balm Makeup 3 Color Face Pressed Powder the Manizer Sisters Highlighter - $12

New 2015 Professional Anastasia 6 Color Concealer Palette - $11

Red Lips Lipstick Necklace - $3

Gold Foiled Hollow Envelope Wristlet in mint green - $9

7 Pcs Makeup Brush Set - $10

Loose Dolman Bohemian Top - $6

Women's Fashion Floral Print Loose Long Chiffon Top - $7

Women's Casula Pullover Lips Sweatshirt - $8

To download the Cute App on an Iphone:

To download the Cute App on an Android:

You can also access Cute online at

Now I headed off to go look into my Cute account and purchase some of the items that are on my wishlist.

To see a closer look at the items I purchased in this haul check out my Youtube video of the haul at

It is also posted a few blog posts back.

Have you shopped on the Cute App before? What are your thoughts?

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