Sunday, December 27, 2015

ColourPop Puppy Love Swatch

Happy Holidays!

I haven't posted in two weeks due to the holidays. I have been so busy with holiday festivities as I am sure you too can relate.

That means that I have tons of blog posts that are just waiting to be posted.

One of them is this one for the ColourPop Puppy Love Super Shock Eyeshadow.

I posted about this shadow some posts back when it was released.

All of the proceeds from this shadow go to Best Friends Animal Society and their cause to end the killing of all cats and dogs in shelters.

It's a great cause and for only $5 who can say no?

Let's look at the shadow itself.

It is a beautiful soft peach with a pink and gold duochrome in a pearlized finish.

It is very pretty. 

It was hard for me to capture its gorgeousness in photos.

I tried. You will have to see it in person to fully appreciate its beauty.

One more picture with flash, which really just washed out the color.

This is a gorgeous shade that will make a great addition to any ColourPop Collection.

Here is the link to purchase yours,

I plan on using mine in a look tomorrow.

Did you pick up ColourPop's Puppy Love?

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  1. Nice post! I was on the fence but now I know I need to buy it today!