Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Walgreens Disney Cinderella Collection Haul

The newest Walgreens Disney Collection is Cinderella.

It has to be my favorite thus far.

The artwork on the packaging is superb!

It gives off a very girly, classy, frilly, feminine vibe.

The whole collection has the powder blue that Cinderella is notorious for.

The collection comes with 10 pieces (I picked up 9 and decided to skip on the makeup remover wipes).

The collection can be purchased online only at drugstore.com and walgreens.com.

It isn't sold in stores.

The price of the pieces in the collection range from $2.99 to $14.99.

First up is my favorite piece of the collection and that is the Ready For The Ball Eyeshadow Palette ($14.99).

This palette is very big and contains 35 shades. Look for another post soon with the swatches.

I told you it is gorgeous, I can't stop staring at it.

I mean look at it. It is perfection. It contains all the shades you could need to create endless Cinderella inspired looks.

Here is the inside of the packaging. It too is gorgeous. Reminds me of an adult coloring book.

Next up is the Ready For The Ball Beauty Book ($9.99).

This beauty book is not too shabby either.

In addition to 9 eyeshadows it has two blushes, an eyeliner, a lip gloss, and an eyeshadow brush.

What Cinderella Collection would be complete without some sparkly eyeliner?

This is the Crown Jewels Liquid Eyeliner Set ($4.99).

It comes with a black eyeliner as well as a purple glitter liner and a silver glitter liner.

There is also lip gloss set called the Gloss Slipper Set ($4.99).

It contains three glosses that are pink, peach, and nude.

My second favorite piece from the collection is the A Dream Come True All-In-One Highlighter/Bronzer/Blush ($4.99).

One because it truly is a dream come true when you get a blush, highlighter, and a bronzer in one palette and second because this packaging is too adorable to pass up on.

It also comes with a blush brush.

Something different than what we have seen in other Walgreens Disney Collections is a Face Illuminator and an Eyeshadow Primer.

The Face and Body Illuminator is called Fairy Glow ($2.99).

It is an iridescent pink.

The Eyeshadow Primer is called Past Midnight ($2.99).

I am hoping that it works well and allows me to be able to wear my eyeshadow past midnight.

Last up are the two lipsticks ($2.99 each).

The first is called Tick-Tock and it is a nude.

The second is a pink called Pretty Pink.

I haven't used any items yet from the collection.

Usually when I buy these Disney Collections I am torn between using them and keeping their gorgeousness in tact. 

I may actually end up using the items since I have swatched the eyeshadow palette and am now already thinking of different looks that I can create with some of the shadows.

What do you think of the Walgreens Disney Cinderella Collection? What items did you get? 

Below is the link to check out the collection at walgreens.com.

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