Monday, November 2, 2015

Sugarpill Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow

Sugarpill is taking our love for Pumpkin Spice and bringing it to a whole new level.

They are combining it with our love for makeup.

That's right they have made a limited edition Pumpkin spice Eyeshadow.

It's a beauty.

The Pumpkin spice Eyeshadow is a metallic eyeshadow that is a rustic copper foil with warm golden flecks.

The eyeshadow is pressed and creamy which allows for easy application.

Their claim is that it lasts longer than a latte.

This means that it will stay on your eyes longer than it takes you to drink your pumpkin spice latte.

It is $12 and quantities are limited, so if you want this baby you are gonna have to act fast before it is gone for good.

Below is the link to Sugarpill's website to get yours.

Look for an upcoming blog post on this with my thoughts on it as well as swatches.

Are you a diehard Pumpkin Spice fan? Will you be showing your love of Pumpkin Spice by picking up the Sugarpill Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow?

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