Monday, November 2, 2015

Starbucks Holiday - The Dot Collection Double Wall Travelers

There is no denying that coffee lovers love makeup and makeup lovers love coffee.

This is known by how many pictures of makeup related Starbucks Tumblers are seen all over social media.

Also by how fast these sell out.

With Halloween behind us that means that the holidays are upon us and with that comes holiday collections.

Today Starbucks released their holiday line of the Dot Collection.

There are two wall travelers from the holiday Dot Collection that I feel makeup lovers will like.

Each is $19.95 and can be purchased online on and directly via the link below.

The first one is called the Blusher Double Wall Traveler.

It has a reflection of a blushing face in an open compact mirror which is held by a hand adorned with a bracelet.

It comes with a gold rim and a blue lid.

The second one is called the Lips Double Wall Traveler.

It is adorned with two red lip kiss prints and the green Siren logo and a XOXO signature.

It comes with a red lid.

These will make perfect gifts for the makeup coffee lover or the coffee makeup lover.

Or if you are a makeup lover or coffee lover they will make great gifts for yourself.

If you like either of these I recommend hunting them down at your local Starbucks store or ordering them online on Starbucks website.

Since they are limited edition items they usually sell out very quickly and then can only be purchased at crazy marked up prices on ebay.

Are you picking up either the Blusher or Lips Double Wall Travelers this holiday season?

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