Sunday, November 15, 2015

Starbucks The Dot Collection Double Wall Travelers for Makeup Lovers

Hello my fellow makeup and coffee lovers.

Starbucks has launched The Dot Collection for the holidays and it has a lot of great items for yourself or for gifts.

There are two in particular, which I think all makeup lovers will appreciate.

They are the Lips Double Wall Traveler and the Blusher Double Wall Traveler.

They are the ones below in the red boxes.

The other two are from other past collections.

They are each $19.95 and can be purchased online via the Starbucks store link below.

They have also been spotted in Starbucks stores.

They makeup great coffee cups for makeup and coffee lovers alike as well as can be used to adorn your makeup vanity or hold your makeup brushes or other makeup items.

I think they are too pretty to use myself so I have just started collecting the ones I like.

I wonder which of the two will be the big hit this holiday season? I have my bet on the Blusher. It is perfect!

Have you seen these in your local Starbucks? Which is a must have for you? More importantly, do you dare to use them?

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