Monday, November 2, 2015

Colourpop Holiday Kits

The wait is over.

The Colourpop Holiday Kits have arrived.

There are three of them.

One has Supershock Shadows, another has Creme Gel Liners and Creme Gel Colours, and the last has Lippie Stix.

Each kit is $30.

The Super Shock Shadow Kit is called Blitz.

It comes with 6 shadows in the following shades:

Valley Girl - soft vanilla with gold highlights in a pearlized finish

That Girl - charcoal grey with silver and gold glitter in a metallic finish

Party Girl - dusty pink in a matte finish

Thirsty Girl - warm bronze with gold glitter in a metallic finish

Roller Girl - black with rainbow glitter in a metallic finish

Fan Girl - violet grey in a pearlized finish

Next up is the Creme Gel Liner and Creme Gel Colours Kit.

It comes with 3 Creme Gel Liners and 3 Creme Gel Colours.

Bustier - blackened olive in a matte finish (comes in a creme gel liner and a creme gel colour)

Frill - lavender in metallic finish (also comes in a creme gel liner and a creme gel colour)

Polar - black with multi coloured glitter in a metallic finish (creme gel liner only)

Soiree - gunmetal with gold and silver in a metallic finish (creme gel colour only)

Lastly, is the Lippie Stix Kit called Vixen.

It comes with 6 Lippie Stix in the following shades:

Last Call - mauve pink in a creme finish

Night Owl - hot pink in a creme finish

Jingle - blue red in a matte finish

Plastics - red violet in a matte finish

54 - red wine burgundy with red and hot pink glitter in a pearlized finish

Ruffle - warm terracotta in a matte finish

Each set comes with a magnetic closure and a mirror.

Currently Colourpop has a bundle deal where you receive 20% off if you purchase all three kits.

You will receive free shipping and can use the coupon code thanksbabe for an additional $5 off.

With all of this including tax your order comes out to $74 and some change.

The bundle deal is only good until November 6th at midnight.

I picked up all three kits with the bundle deal so look for swatches in an upcoming post.

Did you take advantage of the bundle deal or did you just want one kit?

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