Sunday, November 15, 2015

ColourPop Holiday Haul - Part 1

When ColourPop released their holiday sets I was trying to remain strong and resist the urge to buy them.

Then when they had a sale going on that would allow you to receive 20% off your total purchase if you bought all three sets, I knew it was game over. 

Like the weakling I am when it comes to all things pretty I caved and bought all three sets (don't judge me).

This is the Blitzed Set a.k.a. the Super Shock Shadow Collection.

It comes with 6 Super Shock Shadows listed below.

A closer look at the shadows.

The second set is called Fauncy a.k.a. The Creme Gel Colour Collection.

It comes with 3 Creme Gel Colours and 3 Creme Gel Liners.

A closer look at them even though you can't see the Creme Gel Colours.

You can't see the shades of the Creme Gel Colours here which I guess doesn't matter too much considering the set I got had two Soirees and was missing Bustier.

Last, but certainly not least is my favorite set out of the 3, Vixen a.k.a. The Lippie Stix Collection.

It comes with 6 Lippie Stix in the shades below.

A closer look at the shades.

Each item in each set is exclusive to that set and is not sold individually.

Each set is limited edition and $30, available online at

Look for upcoming blog posts with swatches and a second ColourPop holiday haul with some of the individual items.

Which is your favorite holiday set from ColourPop? Blitzed, Fauncy, or Vixen? Do you think these names were inspired by reindeer names?

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