Sunday, November 15, 2015

Becca Cosmetics Champagne Glow Palette Swatches

One product that I have been using not stop since its release this holiday is the Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Palette.

It is a highlighter palette that comes with three shades, one of them being the ever so popular Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop.

The other two shades are Pearl and Blushed Copper.

Pearl is described as a pale linen white.

Champagne Pop is described as a soft white gold with pinky peach undertones.

Blushed Copper is described as a warm copper with rose gold undertones.

The shades in this palette are smaller than the normal Becca highlighters, but they do contain enough product to last you quite awhile. 

I would say that size of the highlighters in this palette are in between the size of a regular eyeshadow and blush.

The highlighters are very pigmented and are so unbelievably gorgeous that it takes every ounce of restraint in my body to not drench my face in these.

Here are swatches from left to right in Pearl, Champagne Pop, and Blushed Copper.

Closeup of the same swatches

Same swatches at a different angle

Swatches with flash

The Becca highlighters have become some of my favorite highlighters next to my MAC and ColourPop ones.

My verdict on the Becca Champagne Glow Palette is that it is a keeper. The highlighters are pigmented, long lasting, and so flattering.

I almost forgot to mention that if you are fair skinned like myself that you can use Blushed Copper as a blush as opposed to a highlighter since it can be a little dark as a highlighter unless you use a light hand.

The Champagne Glow Palette is a limited edition Sephora exclusive for the holidays.

It is currently sold out on Sephora's website, but may still be available in Sephora stores.

It shows on Sephora's website as coming soon which means that a restock may be around the corner.

It is $34.

Did you pick up the Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Palette? What are your thoughts on this beauty?

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