Thursday, October 22, 2015

Santee Sun Kissed Blushes Review and Swatches

I have literally had these blushes out on my makeup vanity for so long waiting to upload this post that they have dust on them.

That's bad.

Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to finish what I started.

I swatched these a couple of months ago.

These are the Santee Sunkissed Blushes.

They are $1 each on the Miss A website.

They are mineral baked blushes and they are so pretty.

Blushes with flash, note that these blushes only have shimmer on the top layer of them.

I picked up the shades #3, #1, and #8.

#1 is a light pink shimmer, #3 is a peach shimmer, and #8 is a reddish shimmer.

Swatched from bottom to top ( I just noticed that I am a dork) the bottom shade is #3 (peach), the middle shade is #1 (pink), and the last shade is #8 (red).

I mixed up the actual blushes on the right hand side. The 1st swatch below for #3 peach has the #8 red blush to it and vice versa. So ignore the blushes on the right.

They are swatched bottom to top, left to right - #3 (peach), #1 (pink), and #8 (red).

Same as above.

Closer swatches, same order

Same swatches with flash

My review of the Santee Sun Kissed Mineral Blushes:

  1. They have decent pigmentation 
  2. Give off a more natural look
  3. They contain UV protection
  4. The shimmer is only a top layer on the blushes
  5. They are only $1
  6. They have a slight rose scent
  7. They are available in 8 variations
Currently 4 of the eight shades are sold out on, but check back on their site regularly as they restock a lot.

For $1, these are decent blushes that can be popped on your checks for a more natural look.

Below is the link to purchase them if you are interested.

Have you ever tried these Santee Sunkissed Mineral Blushes? Thoughts?

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