Saturday, October 17, 2015

Milani Constellation Eyeliners - Review and Swatches

Don't you hate it when you don't learn a lesson the first time around?

I know my wallet does.

I had bought two of the original Milani Constellation Eyeliners some time last year when I saw how beautiful they looked in pictures.

I probably only used them once or twice before I put them away and forgot about them.

Now move forward to present day and Milani has released three new shades.

Tell me why, when I see them at Walgreens, it is like I have a memory lapse of my experience with them last year and I pick up two more.

I blame it on their beauty.

They must have been hypnotizing me.

Just look at them.

Gorgeous right?

I mean look at these sparkling beauties.

If only they hadn't broken my heart the first time around.

I picked up Celestial and Galaxy.

Celestial is a brown base that multi color shimmer.

Galaxy is a black base with shimmer and emerald shimmer.

Let's look at the swatches and then I will address my love hate relationship with them.

Swatched left to right - Galaxy and Celestial

Same swatches with a closer look

Same swatches with flash

Ok time to explain.

First, these are gorgeous. If you want to just open them up and stare at them then these are for you.

If you want these to adorn your vanity then these are also for you.

If you actually plan on wearing them then maybe these aren't for you.

Or maybe they still are for you, but they aren't for me, at least not yet.

So these have a shimmer overlay which is kind of disappointing in that the shimmer is only on the top layer of the liners.

Once this wears off your're left with either brown or black.

When actually trying to apply these I found it very difficult and I am guessing it is because they are cream and not gel liners.

For me it was hard to pick up product on my brush and line my eyes with it. 

It took a long time and the color wasn't that vibrant for me, I used Celestial.

This was my experience a year ago with them.

Maybe I haven't gotten the hang of them.

I plan on keeping them in my collection because I don't want to give up and admit that they defeated me.

They were $9.99 each.

They can be purchased online on Milani's website at

They can also be found at Walgreens, CVS, and any other retailer that carries Milani.

There is also a third shade called Evening Star which is a black base with gold and silver shimmer.

Have you tried the Milani Constellation Eyeliners? What has your experience been with them?

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