Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lorac Love Lust and Lace Alter Ego Lipstick Set Review and Swatches

I have wanted to try Lorac's Alter Ego Lipsticks since I can remember.

When I saw the Love, Lust, and Lace Collection, which is Lorac's holiday collection for this year,  I instantly knew that I needed something from the collection (besides the Mega Pro Palette 2).

I wasn't sure what though.

Once Kohl's had their Lorac Love, Lust, and Lace items I knew that it was game over for me.

Not only did they have Love, Lust, and Lace items, but they also had an Alter Ego Lipstick Set.

Say what?

I did what any one in my bare feet would have done since I don't think I was wearing shoes at that time.

I went through my Ebates to earn some cash back and then I placed an order for this beauty.

The Lorac Love, Lust, and Lace Alter Ego Lipstick Set is a Kohl's exclusive.

You get 6 lipsticks for $39.

This is an insane deals because regularly priced Alter Ego Lipsticks are $16 each.

You get 6 lipsticks for basically the price of 2.

Besides that they come in beautiful lace packaging which really sealed the deal for me.

Back of the box with a description and shade names.

Here are the lipstick tubes themselves.

So gorgeous. These are definitely staying out on my makeup vanity. 

I love that the bottom of the tubes are clear so that you can see the shade colors without having to open them up.

The bottom of the lipstick tubes with the shade names.

The pretties themselves or should I say my preciouses?

Look at theses shade colors.

So perfect for Fall and Winter.

Heck even some of them are perfect for Spring.

Same picture with flash

Time for swatches

Lipsticks from Left to Right - Socialite (Nude), Tease (Carnation), Flirt (Deep Rose), Lolita (Deep Berry), Siren (Crimson), and Dominatrix (Deep Burgundy)

Same swatches with the lipsticks sort of lined up below its swatch.

Same swatches with a different view (ignore the messed up swatch of Flirt). It drives me crazy when things aren't perfect and for some reason I didn't notice how messy the swatch was, but hey life isn't perfect :))

Same swatches with flash

The aftermath of the swatches after attempting to scrub them off of my arm.

My review of the Lorac Love, Lust, and Lace Alter Ego Lipstick Set:

  • They are creamy
  • They are pigmented
  • They glide on smoothly and easily
  • They are moisturizing
  • They smell amazing like MAC and Kat Von D Lipsticks
  • They have staying power
  • They come in tons of shade variations
  • They are very affordable when purchased in a set such as this
  • They look very flattering on the lips
  • Finally, I think I love them
Seriously though, The Lorac Alter Ego Lipsticks are great quality lipsticks and really can't beat the price of $39 for 6 high end lipsticks.

When I first applied them to my lips they went up to one of the top spots on my list of favorite lipsticks. I am still debating, but I may even think that they are better than MAC lipsticks.

Again, they are a Kohl's exclusive.

If you plan on purchasing them online, don't forget to go through Ebates first prior to purchasing.

Below is my referral link to Ebates (currently 3% cash back for Kohl's for any of you who are interested in signing up.

First time Ebates users will earn a $10 cash back bonus when they make purchases totaling at least $25 within 90 days of signing up.

Who doesn't love earn free money that can then be used for buying more makeup?

It's genius really.

Below is the link to the set if you already have an Ebates account.

Have you tried Lorac's Alter Ego Lipsticks? How do you like them?


  1. I really really like that purple one....Lately I am all about purple lipsticks :D

  2. As of 05/25/16, Lorac products are on sale through Nordstrom Rack's "Hautelook" website. Just bought this set for $24.