Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lorac Love, Lust, and Lace Alter Ego Lipstick Gift Set

Kohl's has the Lorac Holiday Collection. 

They are killing me with one item in particular that I feel I need.

Isn't that how it always is though? We feel like we can't live without a particular item, but yet we are able to go on living just fine when we don't know of that particular item's existence.

This most lusted after item is the Love, Lust, and Lace Alter Ego Lipstick Set.

I have only seen it at Kohl's.

Currently it isn't available on Ulta's or Lorac's websites.

It comes with 6 Alter Ego Lipsticks, 4 of which are limited edition.

The shades are:

Socialite - nude

Tease (limited edition) - carnation

Flirt (limited edition) - deep rose

Lolita (limited edition) - deep berry

Siren (limited edition) - crimson

Dominatrix - deep burgundy

This set retails for $39, which is a great deal since an Alter Ego lipstick is normally $16.

My reasoning behind needing this set is one, I don't own any Lorac Alter Ego Lipsticks and two, the lace packaging of course!

Below is the link to Kohl's website to get yours.

Currently, no coupons or discounts work on this set for Kohl's and the order including tax and shipping is around $50.

Can you pass up this beautiful packaging?

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