Saturday, October 3, 2015

Disney Villains Collection Haul

Every time a new Disney Collection is released at Walgreens the same thing happens.

I go on an endless search until I can finally find the collection.

Usually I am only lucky enough to find a few pieces until I am able to order whatever items I am missing online from

Currently none of the items are available so I will wait impatiently until they are.

Until then, I'll just talk about the items that I did pick up.

The Perfectly Arched Evil Brow Kit (Evil Queen) - $5.99

Comes with the Magic Mirror and Huntsman Palette that has an eyebrow wax, and two brow shades, one light and one dark.

It also comes with a light mini eyebrow pencil, a clear mascara, a mini flat brush, and a cute brow stencil to create the perfectly arched evil brow.

Wicked Shadow Palette (Ursula) - $5.99

The shades from left to right are Conspire, Seaweed, Breezy, Triton, Merfolk, Body Language, Caspian Sea, and Thunder Storm.

Spellbound Sculpting Contour Palette (Maleficent) - $3.49

Contains a highlighter, blush, and bronzer.

Leviathan Shimmering Powder (Ursula) - $3.49

Leviathan is a sparkly white shimmer.

Potion Matte Lipstick (Evil Queen) - $3.49

Majestic Matte Lipstick (Ursula) - $3.49

Potion and Majestic are both matte red lipsticks with Majestic being more of an orange red.

Closer look at all of the items unpackaged.

I am checking continuously until all of the items are available online so that I can complete my collection.

I almost forgot to mention that these items like the last Ariel, Mulan, and Pocahontas items are also not by e.l.f.

Swatches coming to a post near you very soon...

Have you found all of the items that you want from the Disney Villains Collection?

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