Sunday, October 4, 2015

Colourpop Haul

It seems like ages ago, but sometime this past Summer I had a Colourpop haul or two.

This is one of those hauls.

Ok I just looked up my account on Colourpop and this haul is from May so it is safe to say that this post is way late.

I picked up the Kathleen Lights Where The Light Is quad because let's face it, it's gorgeous.

I picked 4 Lippie Stix in Lumiere, Tootsi, Brink, and Cookie.

I got one Blush in Quarters.

I had to get two highlighters in Wisp and Butterfly Beach.

I am obsessed with the metallic Super Shock Shadows so I picked up about 10 of them.

They are in the shades Nillionaire, Shark Attack, Fringe, Sequin, Cricket, So Quiche, 3, La La, On the Rocks, and Birthday Girl (limited edition shade that was free with my order).

I think that the free Birthday Girl shadow was my motivation for placing a $100 order.

Just look at all of these shades with flash, they are gorgeous. Don't judge me. I have no regrets.

Here is the link to Colourpop's website should you decide to do some hauling of your own

Did you place in order to get the limited edition Birthday Girl shadow?

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