Friday, September 4, 2015

Soho Disney Villains Makeup Bags

There are certain websites that I check out almost daily to see if they have released any new products. Do you ever do that? is one of those sites, mainly for their Disney collections.

I checked earlier this week and found that they have a new line of Soho makeup bags of 3 of the Disney villains. 

They are Maleficent, The Evil Queen, and Ursula.

The Maleficent bags are the weekender ($11.99) and the round top ($7.99).

The Evil Queen bags are the clutch ($9.99) and the round top ($7.99).

The Ursula bags are the round top ($7.99) and the train case ($11.99).

Here is the link to purchase them

Which is your favorite Disney villain of the three and which bag will you choose?

I would have to say Ursula because "Life's Full of Tough Choices Isn't It?

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