Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips - New Shades

ColourPop recently released 8 more of their popular Ultra Matte Lips liquid lipsticks.

From left to right - Dr. M (deep blackened green), Mr. Blonde (bright turquoise), Jellies (cobalt blue), Be-Dazzled (deep purple), Guess (dark blackened violet), Kapow (muted grey taupe), Beeper (warm mid-tone taupe), and Clueless (dusty mauve pink)

All are still in stock with the exception of Be-Dazzled.

They are the same price as the original Ultra Matte Lips, $6.00.

Below is the link to check out these as well as the other Ultra Matte Lips in the collection.

I prefer the more wearable shades, which speak to you?

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