Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette

One of the first sneak peeks at a Holiday Collection for 2015 is from Kat Von D.

Her holiday palette for 2015 is called Mi Vida Loca.

Below are the pictures that were released on the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram page. 

The palette contains 24 pigmented, neon shades.

It is described as being the ultimate color-pop palette.

By the looks of the picture below, I can agree.

The Mi Vida Loca contains all of the colors of the rainbow and then some.

You have your neutral, everyday shades in the center.

Then you have your pop of color shades in a color wheel spectrum format.

You can wear these shades alone or pair them with the neutral shades for a pop of color.

This palette has it all.

Kat Von D Beauty promises swatches soon. I can't wait to see those.

Either way this baby is on my Christmas wishlist, but who am I kidding? I will have to get this way before Christmas because if I wait until then it will be sold out.

Do you want the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette?

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