Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Photo Filter Palettes

Let's face it we live in a world where selfies are here to stay.

With that comes makeup created to enhance your features and make you more photo friendly.

Who doesn't want to look like a walking photo filter?

Yes, please! Flawless look 24/7, count me in!!!

Too Faced recently capitalized on the whole selfie concept by creating a palette called #Tfnofilter Selfie Powders.

The selfie powders claimed to mimic the effects of three photo filters.

Sephora has now released two separate eyeshadow palettes that are inspired by photo filtering effects.

Each contains 10 eyeshadows (2 of the shadows are larger and the other 8 are smaller in size).

The first is called the Sunbleached Filter Palette and it contains soft, light shades (I love the packaging by the way).

The eyeshadows in the palette are:

Walking in the Sand
Sandy Toes
Desert Rose
Swan Song
Secret Boudoir

The Sunbleached Palette would be perfect for your everyday natural/neutral look.

The other palette is called the Overcast Filter Palette.

It contains cool toned shadows for smoky looks.

Look at the packaging on this one too. 

The eyeshadows in the palette are:

June Gloom
Berlin Underground
Black Lace
Cozy Sweater
Smoke Signals

Each palette is $32 and available in Sephora stores and online (below is the link).

Which photo filter palette do you prefer Sunbleached or Overcast?

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