Sunday, June 21, 2015

Saucebox Batalash Palette and Swatches

Saucebox announced a couple of months ago that they had created a palette in collaboration with the Batalash Beauty girls (Samantha, Angela, and Dominique). 

For more on the Batalash Beauty girls visit the Batalash Beauty

It was available for presale for $60 with a limited number of quantities for purchase.

It is a limited edition palette that contains 8 shades hand picked by the Batalash Beauty girls.

Here is my new palette finally at home.

A closer look at the gorgeous cover

The back of the palette, showing the names of all 8 shades and all of the ingredients of the shadows.

The shadows:

The first row contains 4 matte shades

Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, and Lace Noir

The second row contains 4 pearl shades

Enigma, Electro, Popper, and Nova

Swatches from bottom to top:

Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir, Enigma, Electro, Popper, and Nova.

These were swatched on my arm without primer.

Look at the color payoff of these beauties.

The first shade Vanilla, is close to my skin tone which caused it to blend in and isn't easily seen. This will work as a brow bone shade or a transition shade on fairer skin tone.

Closeup of the same swatches

I have used this palette two times and so far I am happy with it.

I always use a primer and an eye base to ensure that I get the greatest color payoff and longevity out of the shadows.

My favorite shadows are Cinnamon, Enigma, and Electro.

Did you pick up this palette? If not it is still available, but once it is gone it won't be restocked.

Here is the link to purchase your Batalash Palette

If you already purchased the palette, what are your thoughts?

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