Monday, June 8, 2015

e.l.f. Disney Collection - Belle

If you haven't heard what the new e.l.f. Disney Collection is at Walgreens, where have you been?

The newest collaboration features only one of the best Disney princesses ever, Belle.

The collection has started popping up in local Walgreens stores and should be available online to purchase at in the next week or so (the makeup bags are already available).

The Belle Collection is slightly similar to that of the most recent collection which featured Elsa from Frozen.

The Belle Collection contains:

A Beauty Book

A smaller eyeshadow palette (not pictured above because it was sold out at my local Walgreens)

4 lip balms in Royal Rose (red), Luminous Lemon (pale yellow), Pleasant Peach (light beige), and Strawberry Spell (pink, also not pictured above)

I believe 3 lip glosses, the one pictured above is called Mrs. Potts.

I believe 2 cream eyeshadows/eyeliners one in Beast and one in Belle (both have the same packaging as above with Belle on the lid, but are different colors. I got Beast which is a bronze. I think Belle was a nude/beige.

A Face Palette with a highlighter, blush, and bronzer.

4 makeup bags

Nail Polish kits

I just realized that I haven't seen any lashes for this collection. I wonder if there are lashes? Hmm...

This has to be my favorite collection thus far.

Have you picked up anything from the Belle Collection yet? Do you plan to?

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