Saturday, February 7, 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palettes

Let's keeping it going with the Makeup Revolution posts.

Look at the pictures of the two palettes below, specifically the shades.

Do they look familiar?

They should...

These are dupes for Lorac's Pro Palette and Lorac's Pro 2 Palette.

Guess what?

Lorac's Pro Palettes are $42 each.

Makeup Revolution's dupes called the Iconic Pro Palette and Iconic Pro 2 Palette are only $11.04 each US.

I own both Lorac Pro Palettes, but I love my Lorac Pro 2 Palette more than the original.

I definitely have my eye on the Iconic Pro 2 Palette.

What better way to have a back-up of a palette you love for one fourth of the price of the original.

Yes, please.

The quality of Makeup Revolution's eyeshadows are comparable to that of higher end brands. I have said that before and will keep saying it.

Spending $11 on a palette that you would normally pay $42, leaves $31 left.

That is 31 more dollars to spend on more makeup.

High Five!!!

That's a deal in my book.

Will you be picking up either of the Iconic Pro or Iconic Pro 2 Palettes?

Gets yours by clicking on the link below.

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