Sunday, February 22, 2015

Essence All About Sunrise Palette and Eyes of the Day

A gem that I picked up a couple of months ago and neglected to use is a palette by Essence and is called All About Sunrise.

It is available at Ulta and retails for $4.99.

The 6 shades in the palette are described as having shimmery, matte, and metallic effects.

After having swatched and used the palette I would describe the shadows as shimmery and metallic and not so much matte.

The shadows are vibrant and pigmented when swatched, but I found them to be more subtle when applied to the eyes.

Here is a look that I created using the palette.

Brow bone and inner corner - white shimmer (1st row, 1st color)

Transition shade in the crease - nude shimmer (1st row, 2nd color)

Outer portion of the crease and under the eye - brown shimmer (1st row, 3rd color)

Lid - peach shimmer (2nd row, 2nd color)

Besides the All About Sunrise Palette, I also have the All About Nude Palette.

I think the All About Sunrise Palette is my favorite.

Have you tried any of the eyeshadow palettes by Essence? Which is your favorite?

Walgreens Haul - Milani, Covergirl, and Wet n Wild

Lately I have been finding myself drawn to nude lips.

With that being said I made a stop recently to my local Walgreens and hauled some nude lippies, for the most part.

Milani is my favorite drugstore brand and that means that they are also my favorite drugstore lipstick.

My current favorite lipstick is from the Milani Color Statement Matte line. It is Matte Naked. I picked up a backup of this one.

I also added Milani's Plumrose, Rose Femme, and Teddy Bare to my lipstick collection.

Another of my favorite drugstore brand lipstick recently is by Covergirl and it is their Colorlicious lipsticks.

I picked up Decadent Peach and Sweetheart Blush. Sweetheart Blush is a pink shimmer which really isn't my favorite but occasionally I find myself reaching for it.

I also picked up some new Wet n Wild Fergie items.

From the Centerstage Collection, I got the Hollywood Boulevard To Reflect Shimmer Palette.

Initially when I saw it I thought that it would be a blush and bronzer palette, but after using it, it seems like it is more of a highlighter. It was just too pretty to pass up.

Lastly, I picked up two of the Wet n Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Colors in Nude Muse and Trendscendence.

I have to say that initially I was excited for these, but when I got them home I found that one of them was broken. I have seen other reviews online of these and it seems like they are always broken or end up breaking. There isn't a lot of product in them and the quality isn't that great.

I am going to keep trying them and maybe my opinion will change.

Have you tried any of these items lately? Thoughts?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palettes

Let's keeping it going with the Makeup Revolution posts.

Look at the pictures of the two palettes below, specifically the shades.

Do they look familiar?

They should...

These are dupes for Lorac's Pro Palette and Lorac's Pro 2 Palette.

Guess what?

Lorac's Pro Palettes are $42 each.

Makeup Revolution's dupes called the Iconic Pro Palette and Iconic Pro 2 Palette are only $11.04 each US.

I own both Lorac Pro Palettes, but I love my Lorac Pro 2 Palette more than the original.

I definitely have my eye on the Iconic Pro 2 Palette.

What better way to have a back-up of a palette you love for one fourth of the price of the original.

Yes, please.

The quality of Makeup Revolution's eyeshadows are comparable to that of higher end brands. I have said that before and will keep saying it.

Spending $11 on a palette that you would normally pay $42, leaves $31 left.

That is 31 more dollars to spend on more makeup.

High Five!!!

That's a deal in my book.

Will you be picking up either of the Iconic Pro or Iconic Pro 2 Palettes?

Gets yours by clicking on the link below.

Makeup Revolution Haul - Blushing Hearts and Lip Lavas

I mentioned before that lately I have been giving my paycheck to Makeup Revolution.

Ok not literally, but definitely figuratively speaking.

I can't help it.

They keep releasing great quality products that are dupes for higher end makeup brand's products.

Case in point - Their new Lip Lava, a dupe for Too Faced's Melted Lipstick.

Also, their Blushing Hearts Blush, a dupe for Too Faced's Sweethearts Blush.

Lip Lava retails for $4.72 each US, Too Faced Melted are $21 each US.

Blushing Hearts retail for $7.88 US each and Too Faced's Sweetheart Blushes are $30 each US.

You decide. You are getting the same quality minus the brand name.

Previously, Makeup Revolution had 6 items in their Blushing Hearts Collection.

1 Goddess of Love Highlighter - champagne shade

3 Blushing Hearts Blushes in Queen of Hearts (pink/peachy combo), Peachy Keen (peach), and Blushing Heart (pink).

2 Summer of Love Bronzers in Love Hot Summer (medium bronze) and Summer of Love (light bronze).

Now they have added 6 new shades.

2 Highlighters - Goddess of Faith (pinky shade?) and Golden Goddess (gold).

3 Blushes - Peachy Pink Kisses (peach and light pink combo), Iced Hearts (white, pink, gold combo), and Hearts Bursting with Love (light pink, medium pink, and dark pink combo).

1 Bronzer - Hot Summer of Love (light bronzer, medium bronzer, and dark bronzer combo).

I picked up the ones below, which are Blushing Hearts in Peachy Pink Kisses and Iced Hearts. The highlighter in Golden Goddess, and bronzer in Hot Summer of Love.

Pictured with lighting.

Pictured with flash.

Below are the lip lavas.

They have 5 Lip Lavas to choose from:

Firestorm - Red

Forgiven - Nude

Shockwave - Purple

Tremor - Pink

Unleash - Orange

You can also buy the bundle of all 5 for $18.88.

I picked up Forgiven, Unleash, and Tremor (swatched in that order below).

Pictured with lighting.

Pictured with flash.

Look at that pigmentation. You can't tell me those don't resemble Too Faced's Melted Lipsticks for a fourth of the price.

Makeup Revolution has made me a loyal customer.

Check them out below, you won't be sorry.

Have you tried any of their products?

What are your thoughts?

If you live in the US and pay for the cheaper option of shipping, your order should typically arrive within 1 and a half to 2 weeks.

If you pay for the upgraded shipping with the tracking option, shipping should typically be about a week.

This is my personal experience based on 4 orders now.

MAC Toldeo Collection

We all know that it is hard and not at all realistic to be able to buy every MAC Collection that is released.

Of course we want to.

Lately I have been testing my will to resist.

When the MAC Toledo Collection was released I knew I had to at least pick up a couple of items or I would end up kicking myself, I mean look at this packaging, gasp.

I picked up the Oxblood lipstick, and Oxblood lipglass, as well as the prismatic blush in Ripe Peach.

Oxblood is a gorgeous nude that can be worn on a daily basis.

Ripe Peach is a beautiful peachy gold that can also be worn on a daily basis as a wash of color on the cheeks or built up in intensity.

The MAC Toledo Collection is now available online at as well as in MAC stores, as well as MacysNordstrom, and

Oxblood lipstick is currently sold out everywhere, but not sure if it will be restocked with MAC.

What did you get from the MAC Toledo Collection?

Forever 21 Haul - Part 2

It seemed like it took an eternity for the 2nd part of my Forever 21 order to arrive.

It finally did, though.

Do you know what is worse than waiting for an order?

When your order does finally arrive and something is broken and guess what?

You have to send it back.

I orderded one of the Amour blushes and it was completely shattered, boo...

I hope I am able to get a new one because it was adorable with its hearts.

Anyway.... onto the haul...

I picked up a monogrammed makeup bag with the letter C. It has to do with an initial in my full name. I just thought this was a cute way to show name pride :)

I picked up three lip liners, in natural, pink, and red.

After seeing a picture of the gold all over shimmer highlighter swatched I had to pick it up.

I go an adorable mirror with hearts.

I ordered a rose gold glitter nail polish.

Lastly, I ordered the Eyes Amour Eyeshadow Palette.

I must say that it is decent in pigmentation. I wore it the other day and the shadows held up decently, so for $8.90 and its cute packaging it is definitely worth it.

What have you hauled from Forever 21 lately?

If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and make an order. I dare you :)

BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palettes

I am always so happy when I receive an email from BH Cosmetics letting me know that they have released a new palette.

Yesterday I received one such email.

They have released a new line of palettes called Enhancing Eyes, which contains 3 palettes.

One for enhancing green eyes, one for brown eyes, and blues, basically every eye color.

This packaging is so cute with it's holographic peacock feathers.

They are described by BH Cosmetics as having expertly picked eyeshadow shades that utilize the science of colors to enhance eye colors.

First up is green, my eye color, and personal favorite.

Gorgeous Green Eyes

Contains neutral and complimentary shades to bring out the intensity and glow of green eyes.

Next up, brown eyes.

Beautiful Brown Eyes

Also contains neutral shades as well as complimentary shades to enhance the rich warm tones of brown eyes.

Last, but not least, blue eyes.

Bright Blue Eyes 

Also has it's neutral shades and complimentary shades that enhance the electrifying icy coolness of blue eyes.

Of course, even if you don't have a specific color of eyes that the palettes are geared towards, that doesn't mean you can't pick up that palette.

Meaning just because I have green eyes that doesn't mean that I can't buy and use the Beautiful Brown Eyes Palettes. Each palette will have shades that will work with different eye colors, but same may enhance a specific eye color more.

I bought the Gorgeous Green Eyes Palette last night and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I may pick up the Beautiful Brown Eyes too in the future.

They are currently on sale for $7.95 each, so get yours now before they are no longer on sale.

Here's the link to starting to enhance your eyes on BH's website,  Enhancing Eyes

What do you think of the gorgeous Eye Enhancing Palettes by BH Cosmetics?

New Sugarpill Loose Pigments

Sugarpill has released 9 new loose pigments.

They were launched at this year's IMATS LA.

They are all currently in stock on Sugarpill's website,

They are $13.00 each or you can purchase the bundle for $118.00

Penelope - Metallic copper

Clickbait - Metallic mossy teal with a golden sheen

Mint Soda - Radiant metallic mint with a sparkling gold sheen

Holy Ghost - Sparkling deep sea blue with aqua and green reflects

Grand Tiara - Bright metallic silver

Hug Life - Vibrant Seafoam turquoise with green and gold undertones

Countess - Metallic maroon with a splash of aqua reflects

Charmy - Babydoll pinky peach with iridescent fuchsia reflects

Strangeling - Deep metallic violet with aqua reflects

I am going to pick a couple of them up at PHAMExpo in June.

Which are on your wishlist?

New J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint Shades

If you haven't heard of J. Cat Beauty's Wonder Lip Paints they are are more affordable option to OCC's lip tars.

They are only $4.99 each.

J. Cat Beauty just increased their Wonder Lip Paint line by adding 18 new shades.

All of the new shades are pictured below in a snapshot from J. Cat Beauty.

Here is a list of all of the new shades starting with the dark green that is highlighted in the first row.

At $4.99 each now the only problem is determining which to get first.

I have found that the best way to use the J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints is to 

first moisturize your lips, 
apply a good lip primer (I use Too Faced Lip Insurance), 
use a lip liner, 
and apply the product with a lip brush 
once you have made sure that you have mixed the product up. 

When you first use it you will notice their is a lot of Peppermint oil. You just need to shake or squish the tube.

I just noticed the Ulta is currently selling J. Cat Wonder Lip Paints for only $1.29, but they only have one shade, which is Pishslaver, a mint green.

Happy Lip Painting :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

NYX Spring 2015 Collection - Prismatic Eye Shadow

NYX Spring 2015 Collection seems to keep getting bigger. 

They have a contour palette, Intense Butter Gloss, HD Blush, and Prismatic Eye Shadow, to name a few items.

The Prismatic Eye Shadows remind me of foiled eyeshadows.

They are pigmented, metallic eyeshadows.

I saw swatches of these yesterday and knew that I had to have some of them in my life.

They are available now online at Ulta for $6.00 each.

They come in 11 shades.

Below are pictures of each shade and their names.

It was so hard to just pick a couple. In my Ulta order that I placed yesterday where I picked up 4 of the Intense Butter Glosses, and 2 HD blushes, I also ordered 6 of these beauties.

I ordered Liquid Gold, Jaded, Mermaid, Bedroom Eyes, Tin, and Golden Peach.

Are any of these on your wishlist? Is Mermaid not the most gorgeous shade ever?

Head over to to get yours.

NYX Spring 2015 Collection - HD Blush

Another part of NYX's Spring 2015 Collection is their HD Blush.

It is described as a high definition blush that is lightweight, and blends evenly.

I saw some swatches online and I fell in love.

They were so pigmented.

Some of the blushes are matte and some are shimmer.

They come in 11 shades and are $6.50 each on Ulta's website.

I am very happy to see that NYX stuck with their cute black packaging with the bow from last year.

Below are pictures of each blush and their names.

I placed an order yesterday on Ulta's website which included two of these new HD Blushes from NYX.

I picked up Beach Babe and Intuition.

Crismon looks like an amazing red.

I am hoping to get a couple more once I am able to try them out and see how I like them.

Have you tried or ordered any of NYX's HD Blushes?

Want to try them?

Here is the link to Ulta's website to get yours,

Remember Ulta also has different sales. Today you can get free shipping on orders over $35 plus enter code 200121 to save $3 at checkout.