Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stila Masterpiece Series Eye and Cheek Palettes

One of the gifts that I received this past Christmas was the Stila Masterpiece Series, which is from their Artistry Holiday Collection 2013.

I remember doing a blog post on this collection back when it came out.

I also remember thinking that the collection was adorable and I loved the art concept used for the collection.

I can't recall now the reason that I never picked anything up.

You can imagine the happiness when I received the Masterpiece Series Eye and Cheek Palettes as a gift.

The set contains 3 separate palettes each with 5 shadows and a blush.

The first palette is called The Minimalist Palette. It is the neutral palette.

I love that Stila palettes have inspirational quotes in them.

How cute is it that each palette has the shadows placed on a painter's palette?

When you stop and think about it, when you are applying makeup you are an artist creating art.

It is completely fitting.

The blush is called Harmony.

The eyeshadows above the blush in clockwise direction are Natural Light, Simplicity, Elegance, Subtlety, and Balance.

The second palette is called The Impressionist Palette (my personal favorite type of art, which includes the artists Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Cezanne, to name a few).

This quote is so true. Put a brush in an avid makeup enthusiast's hand and they know what to do. It is like a reflex that flows until a look has been completed.

This palette is basically a purple palette that can be used to create a smokey look.

The blush is called Parisian Pink.

The eyeshadows above the blush in clockwise direction are Canvas, Pastel, Vision, Watercolor, and Movement.

The third palette is called the Modernist Palette.

This palette is a blue/black palette that is perfect for night and smokey looks.

Ignore the back of this palette it is the Modernist Palette, but has a misprint that says that it is the Impressionist Palette.

The blush is called Nouveau..

The eyeshadows above the blush in clockwise direction are Glaze, Avant-garde, Mondrian, Abstract, and Charcoal.

All of the names of the shadows and blushes have names that are principles of art or items used to create art.

Each palette has a mix of satin, matte, and shimmer eyeshadows.

The original price of the set was $29.

It is no longer available on Stila's site, but can be found on ebay and possibly Nordstrom Rack.

My favorite palette in the set is the Minimalist Palette followed by the Impressionist Palette.

What are your thoughts on the Masterpiece Series Eye and Cheek Palettes by Stila?

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