Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lorac Unzipped Gold

I was beyond elated when I first heard that Lorac would be releasing a follow-up palette to their successful Unzipped Palette.

I was ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy when I found out that it was a gold version called Lorac Unzipped Gold.

Gold is my favorite eyeshadow color.

It felt like it took forever for the palette to be released after I learned of its existence (of course I am exaggerating).

Here's what the box looks like.

The back of the box with the ingredients and shades.

The outside of the palette which looks like the Unzipped Palette except that one is beige and this one is white.

A close-up of the inside of the palette in natural light.

A close-up of the inside of the palette with flash.

This is where I have to stop for a moment and take in all of the glory and gorgeousness that is the shade Unleashed (2nd row, 3rd shade). When I saw it, it was love at first sight. I knew we would have an eternal relationship.

The Lorac Unzipped Palette comes with the same number of shades as the original Unzipped Palette.

This being 10 shades.

4 of the shades are matte and the other 6 are shimmer.

The Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette retails for $42 (same price as the original Unzipped Palette).

It is available online at, Kohl's, and at Ulta.

I prefer the Lorac Unzipped Gold to the original Unzipped Palette.

Which is your favorite?

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