Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kleancolor Egg Bomb Balms

In the midst of one of my shopping sprees online at Miss A, I came across these adorable lip balms by Kleancolor.

They are called Egg Bomb Lip Balms.

They actually look like cute little easter eggs.

They are similar to an EOS or REVO lip balm, but are way cheaper.

The Kleancolor ones will run you $1 each.

They are scented and come in 6 variations.

Egg Tart - Lemon scented

Scrambled - Orange scented

Hard Boiled - Milk scented (not sure about the scent of this one)

Poached - Mint scented

Omelette - Peach scented

Deviled Egg - Strawberry scented

I picked up Scrambled and I love it.

They are currently out of stock on Miss A's website, but check back because they may come back in stock.

Look for them wherever Kleancolor is sold.

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