Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes

Have you ever been scrolling through a page quickly and you have to go back and look at something that caught your eye?

I just so happened to be on Sephora's website looking at palettes and of the sudden I came across this beauty.

This beauty is from Hourglass and it is called the Modernist Eyeshadow Palette.

I have seen pictures of them online, but that's it.

They are currently on Sephora online, but are showing as sold out.

This tells me that they will soon be released on Sephora's website.

They are showing as for VIB Rouge members only, but it is possible that a couple weeks after they are released they could possibly be available to everyone.

Sephora describes the eyeshadows as long wearing and crease resistant. 

The design of the shadows along with the creamy texture allows for a new level of control when blending and picking up the shadows on a brush.


They will be available in 7 different palettes, each has 5 shadows and they are $58 each.

The shadows are a combination of matte and shimmer.

Obscura (Cool Neutrals) - pale ivory, pale pink, cool coffee, espresso, and charcoal

Monochrome (Rose) - warm ivory, rosy nude, carnation pink, rosy taupe, and violet brown

Infinity (Warm Neutrals) - warm ivory, rosy beige, brown copper, chocolate taupe, and rich brown

Graphite (Smokey) - warm ivory, metallic gold, deep chocolate, midnight blue, and metallic silver

Exposure (Plums) - shell, violet, pink copper, eggplant, and lavender

Color Field (Olive Greens) - warm ivory, champagne shimmer, earthy brown, metallic olive, and dark green

Atmosphere (Cool Neutrals) - pale ivory, pale pink, cool coffee, espresso, and charcoal

Each of these palettes is gorgeous. The hard part is deciding which one to get once they are available.

With a steep price tag of $58 it will be unlikely that many people would be able to afford all 7 since that would run you around $420.00.

I have my eye on the first 4 palettes. I haven't decided which is my favorite.

Which is your favorite?

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