Saturday, January 31, 2015

Forever 21 Beauty Haul - Part 1

Forever 21 has some Valentine's Day beauty items available now on their website.

Many of the items are from their Love & Beauty line.

I have to confess that is the same story for me.

The packaging.

It gets me every time.

The Valentine's Love & Beauty items have roses cascading down the box packaging.

It's so adorable that I wish it was on the actual item.

I have decided to keep the lipstick and lip glosses in their packaging when I am not using them.

I actually ordered more items than are pictured below.

9 more items were shipped separately (look for part two of this haul in about a week).

Side note - How come Forever 21 is now splitting orders in various shipments? I never had that happen to me until recently. The other order won't be here until next week (sigh).

Until then, here is what arrived.

Love & Beauty Heart Print Makeup Brush Set - $4.90.

Love & Beauty Lips Amour Lipstick in Bitter Sweet - $3.90.

Love & Beauty Lip Amour Lip Gloss in Tomato - $3.90.

Strawberry Lip Balms in Pink and Red - $3.90 each.

Pig-shaped Lip Balm - $3.90.

It is official I am addicted to Forever 21's adorable beauty items. They get me every time.

A lot of the items sell out quickly so if you see something you like, head over to Forever 21's website and grab your goodies (link below).

What's on your wishlist?

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