Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Colour Pop Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadows

When I first heard that Colour Pop released new matte eyeshadows my curiosity got the best of me.

Basically, I had to buy some of them and I did.

Am I the only one that loves the personalized note?

It's just nice to know that someone takes the time to let you know that the appreciate you and that you aren't just a customer.

I ordered 8 of the 14 new matte eyeshadows.

Top row - Play and Bill

Middle Row - Cop A Feel, To-A-T, and Mittens

Last row - Hanky Panky, Bandit, and Hustle

Swatched in natural light without primer.

 Bottom to top - Play, Cop A Feel, Hanky Panky, Bill, To-A-T, Bandit, Hustle, and Mittens

Same swatches with flash

Now for the verdict...

I am a fan.

They have the same consistency as the shimmers. They are buttery smooth, soft, and glide on.

They are best applied with a synthetic stiff brush or the fingertips. 

They are also extremely pigmented and the swatches didn't come off when scrubbed with soap and water. It took a couple of days to get them completely off of my arm.

At $5 a pop you can't go wrong with Colour Pop's eyeshadows.

My favorites are Play, Bandit and Hustle.

Did you pick up any of the new matte eyeshadows from Colour Pop Cosmetics?


  1. I bought a few of their shimmer shadows before they came out with the lippie stix or matte shadows and I was hoping they'd come out with mattes. I'm so glad they did! These are amazing, I can't wait to get some :)


    1. I love their shimmer shadows and have yet to try their lip products, but the mattes are amazing. You'll love them. Thanks for stopping by.