Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beauty Items at Kitson in Vegas

Have you ever heard of Kitson in Las Vegas?

It is located by the LINQ Hotel by Harrah's/The Quad.

I was there recently and fell in love.

They have clothing, novelty merchandise, beauty, and books.

It is such a neat store.

While there I didn't end up buying anything, but definitely did lots of window shopping.

They had these adorable highlighters that look like lipsticks.

How cute is that?

They also had Lip Sticks. Not your normal lipstick, but chopsticks that have lips on them. The lips are located at the top of the chopsticks which makes them training wheel chopsticks.

They also had a huge Ciate London nail polish display as well as tons of beauty blenders.

I just realized that they actually have an online store.

If you have ever heard of Kitson, what type of beauty items have you seen?

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