Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Look at the e.l.f. Disney Jasmine Collection

I already did a post not that long ago on the e.l.f. Disney Jasmine Collection when it was released online at

So I figured instead of rehashing the same information about the products that I would simply show how the products look in person.

I actually got items from the e.l.f. Jasmine Collection at three different times.

The first was at Walgreens and I picked up one set of Ardell lashes as that was the only item from the collection that was available in store.

Then on another visit to Walgreens about a week later I found the Ultimate Face Collection and The Eye Collection.

I ordered the Beauty Book online at a couple of days later when it became available.

Now time for pictures of the goods...

The only thing I never got around to picking up was a makeup bag.

What items did you get from the e.l.f. Disney Jasmine Collection?

If you haven't gotten around to picking them up, they are still available online at Get them before they are gone as they are limited edition.

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