Saturday, December 20, 2014

Too Faced Soul Mates Bronzer

Too Faced has started releasing items from their Spring 2015 Collection.

One of the most popular items is their Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.

There is another item that I can imagine will also be a big hit.

It is their Soul Mates Bronzer.

The bronzers are shaped like hearts with a small portion carved out within the heart, which is the blush.

There are two shades to choose from.

One is called Carrie & Big and is my favorite.

It is based on the characters Carrie & Big from HBO's hit series Sex and the City.

It contains a peach blush within the bronzer.

The other is called Ross & Rachel and of course is based off of the famous couple from the popular TV Show Friends.

This one contains a pink blush.

They are $34 each.

Currently they are available on Too Faced's website, but will most likely be available at other retailers for Spring.

They are too adorable to pass up. Eventually I am going to have to breakdown and buy one. 

It will have to be the Carrie & Big Soul Mates bronzer.

Check them out via the link below.

Which is your favorite?

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