Sunday, December 28, 2014

BR Blush and Bronzer - Swatches

In one of my recent Miss A Hauls I picked up these adorable heart mosaic blushes and bronzers by BR.

They reminded me of the Physican's Formula Happy Boosters.

For one dollar each I wasn't expecting much, but ended up being pleasantly surprised.

If you love to get your shimmer on you are going to love these babies.

The top coats on the blush and bronzer do have a shimmer overspray, but it is possible that once that wears away they may be more of a matte.

Miss A has three blushes and three bronzers to choose from.

The blushes are in Soft Pink, Apricot Hue, and Carnation.

I picked up Apricot Hue and honestly all I see is pink, but nonetheless I am happy with it. It's beautiful!

All of the blushes are still available on Miss A's website.

The bronzers are in Summer Time, Golden Sunshine, and Bronze Radiance.

I picked up Golden Sunshine and it's a beauty.

All three of the bronzers are currently sold out on Miss A's website, but keep an eye out as they may be restocked in the future.

On to the swatches.

Swatched in natural light - left Golden Sunshine and right Apricot Hue.

Now with flash - left Golden Sunshine and right Apricot Hue.

The two pictures below are in direct sunlight. Here you can see that they don't look as shimmery.

Have you seen these before? What are your thoughts?

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