Sunday, December 7, 2014

BH Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Lipsticks and Swatches

No, you are not experiencing deja vu.

The picture below was on my last post.

I wanted to use it again to show the Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks from BH Cosmetics.

Just look at these colors.

Their packaging reminds me of Wet n Wild Lipsticks and also City Colors Be Matte Lipsticks.

On to the good stuff...


I have 5 of the Color Lock Lipsticks. They are Faithful, Loyal, True Heart, Crazy in Love, and Alluring.

They are swatched in the same order from bottom to top.

My interpretation of the shades:

Faithful - Mauve

Loyal - Bright Pink

True Heart - Red

Crazy in Love - Coral

Alluring - Orange Nude

Review Time!

When swatching the lipsticks I found them to be very pigmented, smooth, vibrant, and definitely long lasting.

After swatching them I used a tissue to try and remove them and look what happened.

All I did was blur the color.

I then washed my arm with soap and water and still they stayed, but lightened up a little.

It is now 5 hours later and they have lightened up more, but are definitely still visible.

I am excited to try these on my lips tomorrow.

My overall rating is an A for sure.

Since these lipsticks are matte I recommend making sure your lips are moisturized to eliminate any cracking or settling into the lips.

Other than that these are amazing and their name is 100% accurate.

One more thing, the packaging is adorable. The lids are adorned with ornate silver foiling with hearts, swirls, and feathers. Very cute!

Get yours, click on the link below to be directed to BH Cosmetics website

Have you tried the Color Lock Long Lasting Lipsticks from BH Cosmetics? Thoughts?


  1. I was wondering about these. They look incredible. Thanks for the swatches. I hope the stains wear off soon.

  2. They are very pigmented. The swatches came off the next day in the shower 😉