Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nerd Makeup for Halloween

This post is a little late since Halloween has already come and gone.

This past Halloween I was so undecided as to what I wanted to be.

I decided to go for the nerd look. Who doesn't love a nerd?

The hardest part of putting the costume together was trying to figure out the makeup.

I thought about it and decided that nerds could be cute. 

I went for a natural makeup.

I used my Motives Mavens with love Element Color Box Palette.

I applied Birch to my brow bone, Native in my crease, and Shell on my lid and inner corner.

I applied mascara, filled in my brows, applied some pink blush for rosy cheeks, and added a red lipstick to my lips.

Finally I added some freckles to my cheeks with a brown eyeliner.

What were you this past Halloween?

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