Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kleancolor Mark of Love Lipsticks

Cute packaging gets me every time. 

It is a weakness of mine.

Recently will browsing one of my favorite 99 cent stores I came across some Kleancolor lipsticks.

They are called the Mark of Love lipsticks and they are adorable.

They come in 8 different shades.

In the center of each lipstick is a heart.

Granted for a dollar a piece these lipsticks are not MAC lipsticks. They are even drugstore lipsticks, but they will provide you with a little color to your lips and they are conditioning.

Did I mention they are cute and only a dollar?

You can find Kleancolor Mark of Love lipsticks here on Kleancolor's site via the link below for $2.99 each.

What do you think of the Mark of Love lipsticks?

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