Saturday, November 15, 2014

Favorite Mascaras

We all have that favorite mascara.

The one that makes your lashes look incredible.

False like even.

Or we have those favorite mascaras.

I found that I have tried many mascaras as I am sure most of us have.

We have to to find the ones that we like.

My go to mascara for a long time was Maybelline's Great Lash.

Then I think I went through many other drugstore mascaras, I can't even remember. This was before I was a huge makeup addict.

When I started gaining a huge love and respect for makeup I turned to Cover Girl's Lash Blast Volume.

It's a great mascara for being drugstore and it is very affordable.

My mascara collection started to grow when I would receive some samples in Ipsy bags or in gift sets.

I used Urban Decay's Supercurl Supercurling mascara for awhile.

Then I found Too Faced's Lashgasm and Better Than Sex mascaras. I love these they are two of the best mascaras out there.

Smashbox Full Exposure mascara is really good to. It has a huge fluffly brushes that really add volume to your lashes.

Urban Decay's Perversion is good to.

My new favorite that I have been using daily is by Tarte and it is their Lights Camera Lashes.

I like how it makes my lashes look so it will be my go to mascara for everyday wear.

So there you have it. My mascara evolution.

What are some of your favorite mascaras?

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