Saturday, October 11, 2014

MAC The Matte Lip Lipstick Swatches & Wet n Wild Dupes

The most recent MAC Collection is called the Matte Lip and it contains 8 matte lipsticks. 

7 of the 8 lipsticks are limited edition shades. 

Heroine is the only shade that is not limited edition. 

The Matte Lip Collection contains the following shades:

Nouvelle Vogue - Soft blue pink

Styled in Sepia - Dirty cement beige

Damn Glamorous - Bright red pink

La Vie En Rouge - Bright orange coral

Pander Me - Soft peachy mocha

Fashion Revival - Deep raspberry

Living Legend - Deep plum

Heroine - Bright purple

Each lipstick is $16.

I already own Heroine so I picked up the three shades that I felt I would wear the most on a day to day basis, which were Styled in Sepia, Pander Me, and Nouvelle Vogue.

Swatched left to right - Styled in Sepia, Pander Me, and Nouvelle Vogue.

My favorite out of the three thus far is Pander Me. It's such a unique shade.

Recently I had picked up a couple Wet n Wild lipsticks that I thought might be dupes to a couple of the Mac Matte lipsticks.

After swatching them I saw that wasn't actually the case. 

Wet n Wild's Pink Suga is more of a light beige than Pander Me.

Wet n Wild's Think Pink is a lighter pink than Nouvelle Vogue.

Oh well. It was worth a shot.

It's great to know that they are different shades, if you own them you can rest assured that you don't have duplicates.

Swatched left to right - Wet n Wild's Pink Suga, MAC's Pander Me, MAC's Nouvelle Vogue, and Wet n Wild's Think Pink.

All of the 8 MAC Matte Lip Lipsticks are still available on MAC's website. Get yours before they are gone for good.

Which is your favorite MAC Matte Lipstick from the Matte Lip Collection?

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