Sunday, October 19, 2014

MAC Heirloom Mix - 1st Look

It's here!

At least the first part.

The MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday Collection was released online late this afternoon.

Whose ready?

The MAC Heirloom Mix collection is huge.

The first part of the collection contains all of the individual items below.

These are the pressed pigments, glitter, eye pencils, lip pencils, lipsticks, creemsheen glasses, mineralize blushes, and nail lacquers.

There are 5 Heirloom Mix lipsticks that are $17.50 each.

No Faux Pas - Hot Pink (Matte)

Sparks of Romance - True Red (Matte Frost)

Salon Rouge - Clean Berry Red (Matte)

Rebel - Pink Plum (Satin)

Tribalist - Deep Purple Berry (Amplified)

Another big part of the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection are the Keepsakes.

First up are the MAC Keepsakes: Eyes. 

They are $39.50 each.

They come in 3 different shades, Beige Eyes, Smoky Eyes, and Plum Eyes. 

Keepsakes: Lip & Eye Bags

They are also $39.50 each.

There are 3 eye bags and 3 lip bags.

The eye bags come in Smoky, Plum, and Brown.

The lip bags come in Nude, Coral, and Red.

Keepsakes: Brush Kits

They are $52.50 each.

There is a Studio Brush Kit, Mineralize Brush Kit, and an Extra Dimension Brush Kit.

Keepsakes: Face Kits

These are $49.50.

They come in two different versions, which are Natural and Smoky.

Keepsakes: Lip & Eye Bags

These are $59.50.

There is a silver and a gold one. The silver and gold refer to the eyeshadow quads.

There is also a Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag.

It is $49.50.

The final portion of the 1st part of the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection is the Keepsakes: Viva Glamorous.

It has two items.

One is Viva Glamorous which contains both of the Viva Glam Rihanna lipsticks as well as a red makeup bag. It is $30.

The other is the Viva Glamorous Lip Palette.

It contains all 6 of the Viva Glam Lipsticks in palette form and is $40.00

Be on the lookout for the 2nd portion of the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection. It will contain the pigment and glitter sets.

I have my eye on the Viva Glamourous items as well as the Keepsake Eyes and maybe even a lipstick or two.

What are you getting from the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection?

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