Sunday, October 19, 2014

MAC Heirloom Mix - 1st Look

It's here!

At least the first part.

The MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday Collection was released online late this afternoon.

Whose ready?

The MAC Heirloom Mix collection is huge.

The first part of the collection contains all of the individual items below.

These are the pressed pigments, glitter, eye pencils, lip pencils, lipsticks, creemsheen glasses, mineralize blushes, and nail lacquers.

There are 5 Heirloom Mix lipsticks that are $17.50 each.

No Faux Pas - Hot Pink (Matte)

Sparks of Romance - True Red (Matte Frost)

Salon Rouge - Clean Berry Red (Matte)

Rebel - Pink Plum (Satin)

Tribalist - Deep Purple Berry (Amplified)

Another big part of the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection are the Keepsakes.

First up are the MAC Keepsakes: Eyes. 

They are $39.50 each.

They come in 3 different shades, Beige Eyes, Smoky Eyes, and Plum Eyes. 

Keepsakes: Lip & Eye Bags

They are also $39.50 each.

There are 3 eye bags and 3 lip bags.

The eye bags come in Smoky, Plum, and Brown.

The lip bags come in Nude, Coral, and Red.

Keepsakes: Brush Kits

They are $52.50 each.

There is a Studio Brush Kit, Mineralize Brush Kit, and an Extra Dimension Brush Kit.

Keepsakes: Face Kits

These are $49.50.

They come in two different versions, which are Natural and Smoky.

Keepsakes: Lip & Eye Bags

These are $59.50.

There is a silver and a gold one. The silver and gold refer to the eyeshadow quads.

There is also a Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag.

It is $49.50.

The final portion of the 1st part of the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection is the Keepsakes: Viva Glamorous.

It has two items.

One is Viva Glamorous which contains both of the Viva Glam Rihanna lipsticks as well as a red makeup bag. It is $30.

The other is the Viva Glamorous Lip Palette.

It contains all 6 of the Viva Glam Lipsticks in palette form and is $40.00

Be on the lookout for the 2nd portion of the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection. It will contain the pigment and glitter sets.

I have my eye on the Viva Glamourous items as well as the Keepsake Eyes and maybe even a lipstick or two.

What are you getting from the MAC Heirloom Mix Collection?

Lorac Pro 2 - Another Look

The Lorac Pro Palette 2 is my favorite of the Pro Palettes.

Even over the Mega Pro Palette.

I just love the range of colors.

I used it recently to create the look below.

Here's how to recreate this look:

Brow bone & Inner Corner - Snow

All over the eye up to the brow bone - Buff

Crease - Nectar & Plum

Lid - Silver

Under the eye - Plum

My favorite color from the Lorac Pro Palette 2 is Nectar.

What's yours?

e.l.f. Good Vs Evil Collection

The e.l.f. Disney Good Vs. Evil Collection has many items. 

There are lashes, nail kits, makeup brushes, nail polishes, makeup bags, a beauty book, a mirror, lip glosses, and an eye collection.

They are currently available at select Walgreens. Some items are available online at

The items I picked up for my collection are the beauty book, eye collection, one of the makeup bags, and the mirror.

Rumor has it that the next e.l.f. Disney collaboration is Jasmine from Aladdin and that it is due out in December.

What items have you picked up from the Good VS. Evil Collection?

Walgreens Haul - Good Vs. Evil, Vampire Beauty Book, Milani, and Revo

I was at Walgreens recently and ended up picking up items that I never planned on getting. 

It happens every time.

I go in for essentials and end up making the rounds of the makeup aisles.

Actually, who am I kidding?

I go through the makeup aisles first and then get what I came for.

I wanted to try the Milani Eyeshadow Primer since I have heard great reviews on it and that it is comparable to the higher end primers like Urban Decay and Too Faced.

I needed a new eyelash curler, check !

Then I see the Walgreens Revo lip balms that look like the eos lip balms. 

I have heard about them and have been curious to try them. 

I picked up three, which are the fall ones in Candy Corn, Pumpkin Spice, and Chocolate Mint. 

Oh my are they heaven! They smell amazing and even have a sweet taste. 

Then as I was almost leaving I spotted a huge e.l.f. display and I am drawn to it by some force beyond my control.

It contained the e.l.f. Beauty Books for Halloween and all of the Good Vs. Evil items.

I fought the overwhelming urge to buy everything and instead picked the items I knew I would get the most use out of.

I picked up the e.l.f. Vampire Beauty Book, the Good Vs. Evil Beauty Book, the Good Vs. Evil Eye Collection, and a Good Vs. Evil makeup bag.

What have you hauled recently at Walgreens?

Theodora Palette - Eyes of the Day

Green eyeshadows make green eyeshadows pop. 

Recently I had the urge to create a green and brown eye look.

I remembered that my Urban Decay Theodora palette had the prefect green.

To make my life easier I used the palette to create the whole eye look.

Here's how I created the look above:

1. I first primed my lids with the Milani Eyeshadow Primer in Nude and then I applied Ulta's Golden Olive Cream Eyeshadow as a base.

2. I applied Broken to my brow bone and inner corner.

3. I blended Beware into my crease to use as my transition shade.

4. Next I applied West to my crease.

5. Then I patted the darker green from the Jealous duo to my lid and lined under my eye with it.

6. I lined my top lid with MAC's Dipdown Fluidline.

7. I curled my lashes and applied Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara to my top and bottom lashes.

I think that green and brown eye looks are great for Fall. What is your favorite Fall combination for eyes?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lime Crime Venus: The Grunge Palette

My favorite era, hands down, without a doubt was the 90's. 

I loved everything about the 90's.

Grunge was my favorite thing.

The clothes.

Flannels, T-shirts, and jeans. The epitome of comfort.

The music.

Courtney Love, Hole, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Garbage, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, to name a few.

The movie Singles. My favorite movie to date by Cameron Crowe. It has been my favorite movie since its release in 1992.

I still can't wait for the day I visit Seattle. 

I may never come back.

But until then...

I can keep my love for the 90's alive by losing myself in the Lime Crime Venus: The Grunge Palette that will be releasing at the end of October.

The Venus: The Grunge Palette contains 8 shades inspired by Mash Botticelli's classical painting The Birth of Venus and the 90's.

Here are the shades:

Venus - Color of Bruised Fruit (velvet matte)

Shell - Opalescent Shell-Pink (glow)

Aura - Golden Ivory (glow)

Creation - Rust Brown (matte)

Icon - Dirt brown (matte)

Rebirth - Color of an Overripe Nectarine

Divine - Dusty Stone (matte)

Muse - Deep Burgundy Red (matte)

Yes, please. Can't wait to get some Venus for me.

Get yours at the end of this month for $42 and relive the 90's.

Too Faced Everything Nice - Eyes of the Day

I created a look using the Too Faced Everything Nice Palette.

To put the eyeshadows to the test I used 8 of them in this look.

I applied Turtle Dove to my brow bone.

Next I applied Heaven from my lash line up to my brow bone.

I used Fawned of You as a transition shade in my crease.

Directly into my crease I blended Kindness is Free.

On my lid I patted Mauvelous.

I then took Totally Fetch and blended it into my crease and outer corner (It is honestly the most prominent shade in this look besides Live it Up).

Under the eye I applied Live it Up over a neutral eyeliner.

Lastly I patted Paper Roses in my inner corner.

I lined my top lid with a brown gel liner, curled my lashes, and applied mascara.

I like how this overall look turned out with the contrast of pink and purples. 

I still am not too impressed with the shadows themselves. To have used 8 of them and from seeing pictures of the look I can really only see half of them.

I would say that last year's Sephora Too Faced Palette, A Few of My Favorite Things had better quality eyeshadows.

Too add another pop to this look I applied Lime Crime's Airborne Unicorn Lipstick to my lips. 

I haven't totally sent this palette to the Island of Misfit Palettes yet. I am going to create a look from the Glamour Guide that came with the palette and see how it turns out.

Do you own the Too Faced Everything Nice Palette?

Too Faced Everything Nice - A Closer Look

This year's Too Faced holiday set that is exclusive to Sephora is called Everything Nice.

I think it lives up to its name upon first glance.

Its a beautiful sparkly palette that is perfect for creating holiday looks.

It is a one stop makeup shop with its 20 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, a Better Than Sex Mascara, and three Teddy Bear brushes.

The set also comes with a Glamour Guide that provides you step by step instructions to create 4 different looks.

The only gripe about this set is that some of the eyeshadows are more difficult than others. Some of them are not as pigmented or patchy and need a lot more care when being applied. Some of the shadows are also powdery. It seems like these shadows have different formulas.

I still like the palette and as a huge Too Faced fan it was a must have for my collection.

Be on the lookout for a look that I will be creating with this palette.

What are your thoughts on the Sephora Too Faced Everything Nice Set?

Lorac Mega Pro Palette - Eyes of the Day

Upon receiving my Lorac Mega Pro Palette I couldn't wait to start playing with it.

Here's the look that I created with the help of MAC's Rocky Horror Picture Show pigment in It's Not Easy Having A Good Time.

1. Apply White to the brow bone.

2. Apply Cream all over the lid up to the brow bone.

3. Blend Dusty Plum into the crease as a transition shade.

4. Sweep Mulberry into the crease and blend.

5. In the outer v blend Maroon.

6. Spray your eyeshadow brush with MAC's Fix +, pack the damp brush with MAC's Rocky Horror Picture Show pigment in It's Not Easy Having A Good Time, and pat onto the lid.

7. Using Urban Decay's Anarchy Face Case pick up Revolt and apply it to the inner corner of the eye.

8. Line your top lid with a black gel liner.

9. Line under your eye with a light brown eyeliner and then sweep Dusty Plum and Maroon over the liner.

10. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite black mascara to your lashes.

The Lorac Mega Pro Palette has some great colors for creating some gorgeous looks.

Mulberry and Merlot are becoming some of my favorites.

Did you get a chance to pick up the Lorac Mega Pro Palette before it sold out?

MAC The Matte Lip Lipstick Swatches & Wet n Wild Dupes

The most recent MAC Collection is called the Matte Lip and it contains 8 matte lipsticks. 

7 of the 8 lipsticks are limited edition shades. 

Heroine is the only shade that is not limited edition. 

The Matte Lip Collection contains the following shades:

Nouvelle Vogue - Soft blue pink

Styled in Sepia - Dirty cement beige

Damn Glamorous - Bright red pink

La Vie En Rouge - Bright orange coral

Pander Me - Soft peachy mocha

Fashion Revival - Deep raspberry

Living Legend - Deep plum

Heroine - Bright purple

Each lipstick is $16.

I already own Heroine so I picked up the three shades that I felt I would wear the most on a day to day basis, which were Styled in Sepia, Pander Me, and Nouvelle Vogue.

Swatched left to right - Styled in Sepia, Pander Me, and Nouvelle Vogue.

My favorite out of the three thus far is Pander Me. It's such a unique shade.

Recently I had picked up a couple Wet n Wild lipsticks that I thought might be dupes to a couple of the Mac Matte lipsticks.

After swatching them I saw that wasn't actually the case. 

Wet n Wild's Pink Suga is more of a light beige than Pander Me.

Wet n Wild's Think Pink is a lighter pink than Nouvelle Vogue.

Oh well. It was worth a shot.

It's great to know that they are different shades, if you own them you can rest assured that you don't have duplicates.

Swatched left to right - Wet n Wild's Pink Suga, MAC's Pander Me, MAC's Nouvelle Vogue, and Wet n Wild's Think Pink.

All of the 8 MAC Matte Lip Lipsticks are still available on MAC's website. Get yours before they are gone for good.

Which is your favorite MAC Matte Lipstick from the Matte Lip Collection?

Kat Von D Star Studded EyeShadow Book - 1st Look

The Kat Von D Holiday Palette this year is called the Star Studded Eyeshadow Book and it's here. 

It is now available at Sephora and is $55. 

It comes with 24 shades that are arranged in 6 quads to make creating eye looks easier. 

Here are the shades:

Solar - Matte Peach with Gold Glitter

Nephilim - Bronze Pearl

Platonic - Iridescent Tangerine Gold

Mandala - Matte Rusty Orange

Damned - Matte Nude Cream

Division - Grey Green Pearl

Depeche - Dark Bronze Shimmer

Brass Knuckles - Yellow Gold Shimmer

Anti-Star - Snow White Shimmer

Estrella - Ocean Blue Pearl

Black Star - Matte Black with Iridescent Glitter

Starflyer - Matte Royal Blue

Banshee - Matte Ballerina Pink

Violator - Iridescent Lavender

Gothica - Iridescent Purple

Fascination Street - Matte Indigo

Moz - Matte Peachy Pink

Heaven Knows - Cool Taupe Pearl

Smiths - Pearl Copper Brown

Leather - Matte Chocolate Brown with Glitter

Crosses - Matte Nude with Iridescent Glitter

Covenant - Mocha Brown Pearl

Craft - Forest Green Pearl with Iridescent Glitter

Cult - Lime Green Shimmer

The Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book is a limited edition palette for the holidays.

Is it on your holiday wishlist?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lorac Mega Pro Palette - 1st Look

The Lorac Mega Pro Palette is something that I have been dreaming, drooling, and obsessing over for months.

I may have even been counting down the actual days until its release.

With that in mind you can imagine my disappointment when I found out the release of the palette was going to be delayed a week.

Especially since I had been stalking Lorac's website the night before and noticed that it was uploaded on their website but you were only able to add it to your wishlist.

The next morning, October 1st (the original release date) I was feeling hopeful with my thoughts that maybe the delay was a joke, but I thought its actual availability would be a long shot. 

Just before 8AM I scanned the website, saw the palette, clicked on its picture and to my surprise the add to cart button was there.

Immediately I hit that add to cart button and checked out so fast that I may have not been breathing because I am pretty sure I was holding my breath.

Then I exhaled and checked my email.

There it was a confirmation email for my payment that was automated from Lorac stating that they were processing my order.

In the back of mind I was praying that the order wouldn't be cancelled because honestly that is just cruel and I would have been devastated.

That same day around 4:30 PM Lorac sent out the blast email below to its customers, which explains that while they were preparing their shopping page a glitch on their site allowed a lucky few fans to purchase the palette. They announced that the palette isn't sold out and that it will launch on October 7th.

On Friday (two days after placing my order) I arrived home to a box from Lorac.

Here it is, the Lorac Mega Pro Palette in all of its splendor and glory.

The Lorac Mega Pro Palette comes with 32 shades, 16 matte and 16 shimmer. 28 of the shades are brand new whereas 4 shades (white, cream, espresso, and black) are from either the Lorac Pro Palette or Lorac Pro 2 Palette.

I used the palette briefly this morning for a quick makeup look. I applied Sepia (1st row, 4th color) in the crease and under my eye and Cashmere (4th row, 2nd color) on the lid.

I can honestly say that the quality of these shadows are just like that of the shades from the Pro Palette and Pro 2 Palette. The mattes are soft and blend smoothly whereas the shimmers are buttery soft and pack a punch.

The eyeshadows in the Mega Pro Palette are also the same size as those in the Pro Palette and Pro 2 Palette.

The Mega Pro Palette is definitely a must have for anyone's makeup arsenal with its array of shades matte and shimmer that will allow for a flawless look every time.

Whether you want a neutral everyday look or a smoky look for a night out this palette is for you.

Get yours on Lorac's website on October 7th. The Mega Pro Palette is a limited edition palette that will only be sold on Lorac's website and

Were you one of the lucky ones that was able to purchase the palette early or are you planning on getting it on October 7th?

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show & Swatches

MAC recently released a Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the movie.

When I first started seeing pictures of the collection I decided that I would pass on this one after recently purchasing the Gravitas Palette from the MAC Brooke Shields Collection.

Honestly it gets expensive keeping up with all of the back to back limited edition MAC collections.

But, where there is a will there is definitely way.

The MAC RHPS Collection was set to release on September 29th, but it didn't.

For some reason it was rumored that there wasn't enough stock available and I also heard something about a product defect.

Anyway, the collection released the next day on September 30th and when it did I found myself adding three items from the collection to my cart.


Didn't I say I was passing on this collection.

I guess the addict in my disagreed.

After analyzing what happened I have come to the conclusion that the fact that it was in such high demand made it more appealing for me.

Also I am a huge sucker for limited edition packaging and thought I would definitely kick myself later if I passed on this collection.

So initially I wanted the FranknFurter lipstick as I think most did and that was the only lipstick that wasn't available at the time the rest of the collection was live. I believe it became available an hour or so later, but by the time I went to get it you can guess it was already sold out.

I ended up picking up the Strange Journey Lipstick, Crazed Imagination Blush, and It's Not Easy Having A Good Time Pigment.

Swatched left to right - Strange Journey, Crazed Imagination, and It's Not Easy Having A Good Time

Strange Journey is a Yellowish Brick Red Lipstick and is different from the other red lipsticks that I have in my collection. It is a matte lipstick.

The Crazed Imagination blush Muted Plum with a hint of Pink Shimmer. It is a frost blush.

The It's Not Easy Having A Good Time Pigment is Sparkling Burgundy Loose Pigment.

All three of these items are currently sold out on MAC's website as well as the other three lipsticks in the collection.

The MAC Rocky Horror Picture show is a limited edition collection that was only sold online on MAC's website and in select stores.

Currently I have only seen items from the collection sold on ebay or, but of course they are marked up significantly.

Did you pick up any items from the MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection?

MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas Palette - Look 2

Fall is here and with that comes Fall inspired makeup looks.

What better way to create a Fall inspired makeup look than with a Fall palette?

Since lately the MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas Palette has been one of my favorite go-to palettes I decided I would give her another whirl.

I dug out my MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot to use as my eyeshadow base and went to town.

I also dug out my MAC Sushi Kiss lipstick.

I was in the mood for a Fall orange bronze look.

Shroom - Brow bone and inner corner

Soft Brown - Crease

Antiqued - Outer crease and under the eye

Rubenesque and Expensive Pink  - Lid

Orange is one of my favorite fall colors. What is your favorite fall color?

Mac Brooke Shields Gravitas Palette - Look 1

The MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas Palette is a great investment and is worth every penny of the $85 it costs to buy the palette.

It is a great palette for Fall and even beyond that just for everyday use.

Recently I have used the palette to create two different looks, below is the first look.

Shroom - Brow bone and inner corner

Soft Brown and Antiqued - Crease

Plummed - Lid and under the eye

The MAC Brooke Shields Palette is currently sold out everywhere. The only place I have seen it available recently is on ebay and the going rate is $150.

Did you pick up the Brooke Shields Gravitas Palette?

Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette, Comparison with Vice 3, and Eyes of the Day

Recently I picked up the Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette from Sephora and the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Urban Decay's website.

I have to say that just from 1st appearances of the palettes that I am drawn more towards the Vice LTD Palette.

I love the shimmers and neutral shades. 

The Vice 3 also has neutral shades but has darker shades.

The Vice 3 seems to have more satin or matte shades whereas the Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette is mainly shimmer and glitter shades.

The Vice 3 Palette may be more of the everyday palette whereas the Urban Decay Vice LTD may be more of the party palette.

Who doesn't love a good party now and then?

I also am a huge fan of the Lime Green packaging of the Urban Decay LTD Palette it just screams fun.

One last thing to mention is that the Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette has a lot of repeat shades from other palettes, which may make getting this palette pointless for some.

Overall the decision on which palette to get will ultimately lie in your preference.

Here is the look that I created with the Vice LTD Palette:

Anonymous - All over the lid up to the brow bone

Laced - Above the Crease

Hoodoo - Crease and under the eye

Last Sin - Lid

Crystal - Inner Corner

Which do you prefer, the Vice 3 or Vice LTD Palette?

Tarte Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection

Tarte's Holiday Collection this year is called Sweet Dreams.

I did a post recently about the two big sets that are exclusive to Sephora (Bon Voyage) and Ulta (Away Oui Go).

Below are all of the other items in this collection, which can be found on Tarte's website, Sephora, and Ulta.

Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette - $34 

Chic to Cheek Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set - $35

Kiss & Belle Deluxe LipSurgence Lip Set - $34

Brushed With Destiny Set of 5 Bamboo Brushes & Makeup Bag - $44

Ladies Who Lash Limited-Edition Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler - $19

Sweet Dreams Best-Sellers Collection - $19

All Eye Need 5 Piece Skinny SmolderEyes Eyeliner Set

After seeing the whole Tarte Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection I think I have my eye on the Away Oui Go Set.

What items are a must have for you from this collection?