Friday, September 5, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette - 1st Look

Any of the rumors that you may have heard are true. 

Urban Decay is releasing a Vice 3 Palette. 

I first heard of the release last night while on Instagram. I came across the Instagram page of @pretaeloira. 

Her page had the 1st two pictures below of the Vice 3 Palette. 

These are the descriptions of each shade. 

From looking at the pictures and reading the shade descriptions it is safe to assume that Vice 3 has a lot of neutral colors as well as shades that pop. 

Urban Decay posted the picture below on their Instagram of Vice 3, which puts any doubt around Vice 3's existence to rest. 

Urban Decay has just announced that the Vice 3 Palette will be available on their website for purchase on 9/13. 

It will be available online on Ulta's website on 9/23 and in Ulta stores 9/25. 

I know what I am asking Santa for this Christmas. Oh who am I kidding. I am ordering it on 9/13. Vice palettes are always something that I don't have any regrets in buying. How about you?

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