Thursday, September 4, 2014

Urban Decay Shadow Box

Urban Decay has released a new palette that is exclusive to Ulta.

It is called the Shadow Box.

At first look it reminds me of the Ammo Palette by Urban Decay. I guess this makes sense as it is stated on Ulta's website that the Shadow Box Palette was inspired by the Ammo Palette.

The Ammo Palette comes with 10 shades and the new Shadow Box Palette comes with 12 shades.

The Shadow Box palette contains two shades that are also found in the Ammo Palette, which are Smog and Sin. 

It has two new shades which are Baked Cowboy and Moonshadow as well as the well known shades of Mushroom and Blackout.

The description on Ulta's website also says that the shadows in the palette range in finishes from matte to sparkly aka glitter. From looking at the pictures I can't tell which are the matte shades as they all look like shimmer.

Below is the link to purchase the Shadow Box Palette on Ulta's website for $34.

I am a huge fan of the Urban Decay Ammo Palette so purchasing this palette is a no brainer for me. Will you be picking up the Shadow Box Palette?

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